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Some of our favorite folks to follow in the Pittsburgh beer scene

In line with social distancing practices, we rounded up our favorite (local) beer enthusiasts. Here’s where you can follow them online.

by Aadam Soorma | March 17, 2020

ABV is our weekly series that highlights a different beer from a local Pittsburgh brewery every week. Check out our past picks here.

With many folks working from home, avoiding crowds and practicing self-distancing techniques over these next few weeks, we figured we’d share a little (digital) pro tip.

Since we’re currently not visiting our favorite taprooms (or craft beer bars) IRL, here’s where you can still get the latest in Pittsburgh-related craft beer news.

Whether you’re into can releases, beer festivals, historical thought pieces, new up-and-coming breweries or even just good ole beer gossip.

Below is a list of whom we follow on the interwebs for the scoop on Pittsburgh beer.

As always – if we left out someone worth mentioning, drop us a message. Happy to add them in.


ABV, volume LIX

Pittsburgh Journalists & Media Organizations

Bob Batz Jr // Pittsburgh Post Gazette

Bob Batz Jr has been at the forefront of food and beverage journalism at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette for several years. We especially appreciate his thoughtful, informative beer coverage and we love following him on Twitter.

Follow: Bob Batz Jr Twitter

Breweries in PA

Breweries in PA is the leading source of craft beer news in a statewide scope. Their Pennsylvania editorial coverage is a steady balance of eastern PA and western PA breweries and their Instagram does a great job of rotating through classic, established entities (Troegs, Yuengling) and newer, trendy spots (Stick City, Yellow Bridge, etc).

Read: Breweries in PA website

Follow: Breweries in PA Instagram


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Poured in PA

Poured in PA is an award-winning documentary about Pennsylvania’s craft beer industry.

Documentary Film: Poured in PA website

Follow: Poured in PA Instagram

Day Bracey // Drinking Partners // Pittsburgh Current

Day Bracey is one-half of the Drinking Partners podcast and publishes ‘Day Drinking,’ a weekly beer column in the Pittsburgh Current. He is also a comedian and the co-founder of Fresh Fest Beer Festival.

Read: Pittsburgh Current beer column, “Day Drinking”

Follow: Day Bracey Facebook page


PA Brew Review

PA Brew Review provides resources for folks looking to visit Pennsylvania breweries, including maps and events lists.

Follow: PA Brew Review Instagram

Black Brew Culture

Black Brew Culture’s mission is to elevate the roles and visibility of people of color in the craft beer community. They sell apparel / merchandise, create content and have a hand in the annual Fresh Fest Beer Festival.

Follow: Black Brew Culture Instagram


Breaking Brews

Breaking Brews provides craft beer industry news, advocacy and education. They produce a podcast as well as offer brand management services for folks in the beer industry.

Full Archive: Breaking Brews podcast

Hop Culture magazine

Hop Culture was started locally by Kenny Gould – a Pittsburgh native – and focuses on celebrating the nationwide craft beer community through content and events. Although HC carries a wide scope, their roots are here and the editorial coverage has semi-regular Pittsburgh shoutouts.

Read: Hop Culture website

Follow: Hop Culture Instagram


Can Releases & Timely Updates

Cans PGH

About a year ago, we began following Cans PGH. His frequent, timely updates are focused on which breweries are selling cans and when they are available for sale. He doesn’t mess around and gets straight to the point. Super high utility content.

Follow: Cans Pittsburgh Instagram

Follow: Cans Pittsburgh Twitter


Pittsburgh Facebook Groups for Beer Enthusiasts

Fueled By Hops

Fueled By Hops is a passionate and positivity-focused online craft beer community with a podcast and web content that highlights beer news and events.

FB Group: Fueled by Hops

Follow: Fueled by Hops Facebook page


Pittsburgh Beer Ladies

Since 2011, Pittsburgh Beer Ladies has functioned as a fun, social club that brings women together to enjoy craft beer.

FB Group: Pittsburgh Beer Ladies


Pittsburgh Craft Beer 

Pittsburgh Craft Beer’s online group (Facebook) is a mix of both beer industry and consumers all focused on celebrating Pittsburgh-based craft beer.

FB Group: Pittsburgh Craft Beer

Pittsburgh Craft Beer Society

Similar to Pittsburgh Craft Beer, the PCB Society is an online community that elevates and comes together around Pittsburgh (and regional) craft beer.

FB Group: Pittsburgh Craft Beer Society

Follow: Pittsburgh Craft Beer Society Instagram

Pittsburgh Beer Industry Professionals, Brewers, Taproom Managers

Brewers of PA

Brewers of PA is the official state brewing guild of Pennsylvania and exists to promote Pennsylvania-based breweries. Very industry-focused.

Follow: Brewers of PA Twitter

Andy Kwiatkowski // Hitchhiker Brewing

Andy Kwiatkowski is director of brewing operations at Hitchhiker and offers candid insights and thoughtful opinions on everything from the state of local beer to, well, just about anything.

Follow: Jagoff Brewer Twitter

Malcolm Frazer // Fat Head’s Brewery

Malcolm Frazer of Fat Head’s Brewery is connected to the Brülosophy podcast, which is an immensely helpful resource for folks in the homebrewing community.

Follow: Brülosophy Facebook page

Mikey Orellano // YeastyTaughtMe

Many folks may remember Mikey Orellano from Bierport (or Hitchhiker where he is a taproom manager), but his beer-focused Instagram offers insights and glimpses of rare beers that aren’t often found in the Pittsburgh area. He’s super friendly, always willing to share beer knowledge and very well-traveled.

Follow: YeastyTaughtMe Instagram


Scott Smith // East End Brewing

In 2004, when Scott Smith launched East End Brewing, it was one of only a handful of microbreweries in the Pittsburgh area (alongside Penn Brewery and Church Brew Works). Today, after 16 years of continuous operation, Smith is credited with guiding, advising and inspiring many of the (younger) breweries here in Pittsburgh. He is a wealth of knowledge and an advocate for the local beer community.

Follow: East End Brewing Twitter

Follow: East End Brewing on Facebook

Meg Seastedt // North Country Brewing

Meg is an experienced beer professional and brewer at North Country Brewing. She previously brewed at Rock Bottom (in Homestead) and has held roles within Pink Boots Society as well. She is a strong advocate for the advancement of women in the beer industry. Most recently, she was named to the Board of Directors at Brewers of PA.

Follow: Meg Seastedt Instagram


Adam Boura // Four Points

Adam is the head brewer at Four Points in Charleroi. He often shares hourly updates and candid takes during his (commercial) brew days from the brewery. Worth following his streams of consciousness via Twitter.

Follow: Adam Boura Twitter

Brian Reed // Master Cicerone

Brian Reed is a Pittsburgh-based Master Cicerone. For folks unfamiliar, a Cicerone is an industry-certified professional beer server. Where “sommelier” indicates proficiency in selecting and serving fine wine, a Cicerone certification is the mark of professional beer sales and service. Also, I mistakenly left Brian off my original roundup (my apologies).

Follow: Brian is Beering Twitter

Pittsburgh Beer Historians

Ed Vidunas // Pittsburgh Brewers

The original Pittsburgh beer enthusiast, Ed’s website is a thorough repository of every brewery in Pittsburgh, past and present. He is a lifelong Southside resident and an avid storyteller.

Read: Pittsburgh Brewers website

Follow: Ed Vidunas Twitter

Hart Johnson

Hart is the bar manager at Piper’s Pub in Southside. He’s a passionate advocate for local craft beer and has been involved in the beer community for several years.

Follow: Moar Hops Twitter

Professional Organizations & Homebrew Groups

Pink Boots Society

Pink Boots Society is a nationwide nonprofit organization (with local and regional chapters) that elevates the role of women in the professional beer industry through education and networking.

National Organization: Pink Boots Society

Pittsburgh Chapter: Pink Boots – Pittsburgh Chapter Instagram


PGH Brewers Guild

The Pittsburgh Brewers Guild is a collaborative, local beer industry group with state funding allocated to elevate Pennsylvania-wide beer tourism through programming, events and the reinstatement of Pittsburgh Craft Beer Week.

Read: Pittsburgh Brewers Guild website

Follow: Pittsburgh Brewers Guild Facebook page


Three Rivers Alliance of Serious Homebrewers

A membership-based group of southwestern Pennsylvania homebrewers, TRASH has a deep-seated focus on the education and development of homebrewing.

TRASH: TRASH website

Facebook Group: TRASH Public FB Group

Three Rivers Underground Brewers

T.R.U.B. is a lively, dedicated Pittsburgh-area homebrewing club with an annual event: ‘Brewing Up A Cure’

Follow: T.R.U.B. website

Facebook Group: T.R.U.B. Facebook Group


Stewards of Beer

Stewards of Beer is a Pittsburgh-based beer promotion and marketing company that facilitates regular tastings and educational meetups.

Website: Stewards of Beer

Follow: Stewards of Beer Instagram


Honorable Mention

Dennis The Beer Guy // First Sip Brew Box

Dennis is a military veteran and enthusiastic optimist around all things Pittsburgh craft beer. He and his wife run First Sip Brew Box, a subscription service. His company also creates content that is focused on elevating and sharing the stories of western PA brewers.

Follow: First Sip Instagram



Header Photo: Scott Smith of East End Brewing. Photo by Cory Morton.

Aadam Soorma

Aadam Soorma

In 2012, Aadam moved to Pittsburgh. He's currently parked (sans chair) in Lawrenceville and plans to stay a while. On the weekends, you'll find him driving a small green bus (Porter Tours) as he leads tours at local breweries.

Got a fun story idea? DMs are open: @asoorma.

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