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With love from Pittsburgh // The best Pittsburgh greeting cards

Sending a card is the perfect way to ketchup with a friend from Pittsburgh

by Lindsay Patross | July 30, 2020

There has never been a better time to send a little snail mail. Thanks to COVID-19, most of us haven’t had a chance to catch up with family and friends in person. Since most vacations and trips to see family have been postponed sending a card is a perfect socially distant way to reach out to a friend.

All of these greeting cards are made by Pittsburgh artists. Pick up a few cards and send a little bit of Pittsburgh to someone’s mailbox. One of the artists will even sign and mail the cards for you, scroll down for the details.

The perfect card to ketchup with an old friend…

Send along some of the Pittsburgh skyline…

Pittsburgh greeting cards skyline

For the Steelers Fan…

Pittsburgh greeting cards steelers

Skip the trip to the post office…

Pittsburgh artist Becky Compeau runs Winter Pickle Press. Order a card from her Etsy shop and she’ll write your message by hand and send it right to your friend.

More Pittsburgh greeting cards!

You can see all of these cards and a whole bunch more on Etsy.

If you would like to browse for a card yourself. Here are three local card shops that offer both online shopping and curbside pick up.

Meet Sapling Press

Take a tour of Sapling Press – meet the Pittsburgh business who makes greeting cards that are sold around the country.

Lindsay Patross

Lindsay Patross

Pittsburgh born and raised, Lindsay has been writing about the people who love Pittsburgh since 2008.

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