New Pittsburgh Christmas Carol

Bike Lanes vs. Uberneezer Scroober

A New Pittsburgh Christmas Carol takes the stage at Glitter Box Theater this weekend

by Lindsay Patross | December 13, 2018

What would it look like if the comments section of the Post-Gazette came to life? Can bike lanes save the day? A New Pittsburgh Christmas Carol will attempt to answer these questions and spread some Pittsburgh Christmas cheer.

Rude Cutlet Theater Company is staging a very Pittsburgh version of “A Christmas Carol” this weekend at the Glitter Box Theater in Oakland. Please note, while this is a Pittsburgh version of the classic holiday story, this is not a family friendly version of the Christmas Carol, this satire contains adults themes and strong language. Wear your Steelers jerseys but leave those kiddos at home.

An adaptation of the Dickensian holiday classic, A New Pittsburgh Christmas Carol explores the rapidly changing landscape of our gentrifying city. Uberneezer Scroober is the latest in a long line of bloodsucking corporate goons looking to profit off the backs of Pittsburghers, but first he needs to learn some lessons from the city’s past and triumph over the infighting between yinzers who long to Keep Pittsburgh Sh#%@y and people who use avocado toast as currency.


  • Friday, December 14, 2018 @ 8 pm
  • Friday, December 14 @ 10 pm
  • Saturday, December 15 @ 8 pm
  • Saturday, December 15 @ 10 pm

Tickets: $10 or  online $11.34 online.

Facebook Event

The Glitter Box Theater
Getting there
460 Melwood Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15213, USA

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Lindsay Patross

Lindsay Patross

Pittsburgh born and raised, Lindsay has been writing about the people who love Pittsburgh since 2008.

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