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Love on a budget: dates under $50 in Boston

Spend quality time with your loved one enjoying some of Boston’s attractions that do not require more than $50. 

by Daniela Cintron | February 14, 2022

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Looking to have a date on a budget can sound so unsexy. However, it does not have to be. On the contrary, it makes you think of out-of-the-box date ideas and such spontaneity will impress your date even more. Spend quality time with your loved one enjoying some of Boston’s attractions that do not require more than $50. 

Brewery Tour and Beer Tasting

Beer lover or not, a Samuel Adams Brewery Tour Experience is a great date idea. From Thursday through Monday, the Boston brewhouse opens its doors for tours that allow anyone over the age of 21 to learn all about the brewing process and get a peek into their innovations. The tour costs $10 per person and includes a pint of their flagship beer, Boston Lager. The experience ends with an exclusive tasting and a souvenir glass to take home. 

Tickets can be bought online a week in advance. 

For those willing to go outside the budget, there is another tour experience at the Samuel Adams Brewery featuring pairings of beers and cheeses for $30 a person. 

Looking Into the Stars

There is nothing more romantic than observing the sky and looking into the stars. Boston University Observatory makes it possible for you and your date to enjoy it at no cost. Public Open Night at the Observatory is held on Wednesday nights throughout the year, weather permitting. Tickets must be acquired in advance online, and become available every Thursday. They go by fast, so make sure to plan and be on the lookout to secure a romantic night under the stars for you and your date.  

Chocolate Making, and Chocolate Eating

There has to be some kind of research to confirm that a date that involves chocolate has a greater success rate. Make a delicious impression on your date with a Taza Chocolate factory tour. For $12 a person, you and your date can learn about the Boston-based chocolate brand, and the stone-ground chocolate-making process they pride on. Besides stories and interesting information, the hour-long tour includes lots of tastings where you and your date can indulge in the strong flavors of stone-ground chocolate. Book your tickets online in advance. 

Art and Love 

A stroll through an art museum can be just the perfect date, especially on a cold or rainy day. Plan a budget-friendly date by taking advantage of the free museum nights in Boston. Every Thursday night the Institute of Contemporary Art offers free general admission, and at times, free admission to special exhibits. To take advantage of the opportunity, secure timed tickets for you and your date online on that Thursday morning starting at 10 a.m.

Netflix and Chill to the Next Level 

If lately, your dates have been an array of evenings on the couch watching Netflix, this date idea can elevate it. Watch “This Is A Robbery: The World’s Biggest Art Heist” on Netflix, and then head over to see in person where it all happened back in 1990, The Gardner Museum. Plan your visit on the first Thursday of the month, and get free admission. Make sure to secure your tickets online in advance. 

A Hike in the City 

If your ideal date is to spend time outdoors, grab comfortable shoes and head over to Boston Commons to kick off the historic Freedom Trail. On a 2.5-mile walk following a brick track on the ground, you will be able to explore Boston and its incredible history through a unique collection of 16 museums, churches, meeting houses, burying grounds, parks and historic markers that tell the story of the American Revolution. 

For $7 buy a Freedom Trail Guide at the Boston Common Visitors Center, and begin right there. Along the way, stop by one of North End’s bakeries and grab an authentic Italian coffee to give you energy for the rest of the hike, or stop by Union Street and enjoy a beer at one of the historic bars. This is certainly a date to enjoy the city, history and each other. 

Daniela Cintron

Daniela Cintron

Born and raised in Mexico, Daniela is a bilingual journalist with work featured on local and national media, including CNN, NBC, and Telemundo. She has experience writing for broadcast, print, digital and social media, and is a professional voice-over in English and Spanish. Having lived and worked in New York City, Atlanta, San Diego, Charlotte, Kansas City, and now Boston, Daniela has extensive experience talking to various markets and has an eye for newsworthy content.

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