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Boston Rob Does Beantown

Host Rob Mariano, also known as Boston Rob, a regular and beloved contestant on the Survivor series, takes viewers on an exploration of his hometown and favorite city in the world, Boston. From pasta making to pickleball to modern pastries, Rob visits classic Beantown joints and discovers new local gems, while celebrating the city and its strong sense of community. In each episode, Rob delights in the places and people that make Boston such a special place. 

In each episode, host Rob Mariano (aka Boston Rob) visits a different Boston neighborhood and stops by some classic local joints and some of the newer neighborhood hot spots. From Southie to Seaport, Rob will introduce you to the people and places that make up the fabric of the Boston community.

Visiting the best spots in Boston neighborhoods

It’s not all food and drink, but there are lots of stops for for that too. Rob’s neighborhood stops include places to play (yes, bowling is still popular in Boston) and where to shop local for art and antiques.

Watch the show to see Rob’s neighborhood adventures including:

  • Tasting the most authentic Italian food in Boston
  • Visitng a sound bath
  • Cycling on a party boat

Meet the host: Rob Mariano

Rob Mariano, also known as Boston Rob, is a regular and beloved contestant on the Survivor series and he is a passionate fan of all things Boston. In addition to appearing on Survivor, Rob and his wife Amber have been on the Amazing Race and Amazing Race All-Stars.

To see more of Rob’s adventures in Boston and beyond, follow @bostonrobmariano on Instagram.

Where to watch “Boston Rob Does Beantown”

“Boston Rob Does Beantown” will be available exclusively on the Very Local channel.

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