Brewing beer with the women of Pink Boots Society2

The women brewers of Pittsburgh come together every year on a collaborative effort to brew a unique set of beers. This year, we joined them

by Aadam Soorma | January 6, 2020

Step into Hop Farm Brewing and watch as we go behind the scenes with the women brewers of Pittsburgh.

We are very excited to showcase Pittsburgh’s chapter of Pink Boots Society on their collaboration brew day. Held in March 2019, the effort culminated in a low-alcohol gose style beer flavored with beets. The beer was aptly named The Beet Gose On and made its way into craft beer bars and taprooms all around the city.


What is Pink Boots Society?

Pink Boots Society is an organization that assists, inspires and encourages women beer professionals to advance their careers through education, providing scholarships for continuing education and professional development opportunities.

Although the beer industry tends to skew in a mostly white and male direction, organizations such as Pink Boots Society and Fresh Fest seek to inject diverse voices and new faces into the craft beer conversation.

Join Pink Boots at Pittsburgh Glass Center on July 26

In partnership with the Pittsburgh Glass Center, the local chapter of Pink Boots Society will kick off a series of events called “HOT GLASS, COLD BEER, PINK BOOTS.”

Attendees will be among the first to taste local beers from Penn Brewery and Hitchhiker Brewing created in collaboration with Pittsburgh Glass Center and Pink Boots Society. There will be an opportunity to chat with local brewers as well as a glassblowing demonstration.

The two beers that this collaboration event series plans to debut on July 26 are:

  • Blackberry Berliner Weiss brewed at Penn Brewery
  • Thai Basil Pineapple Kolsch brewed at Hitchhiker Brewing

All proceeds benefit the local Pittsburgh chapter of The Pink Boots Society.

For more info on the event and tickets visit the Glass Center website here.


Hop Farm Brewing Company
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5601 Butler St, Pittsburgh, PA 15201, USA
Mon-Thu 3 – 10 PM
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Sun 12 – 8 PM
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Aadam Soorma

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