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Now Open: Ça Va pop-up shop // natural bath & body products

A 2-month long pop-up shop, Ça Va brings Pittsburgh a sustainable home goods concept that exists in partnership with Ruhling Woven in Lawrenceville.

by Aadam Soorma | February 8, 2020

With a deep-seated focus on sustainability and reducing waste, Amy Roberts is purposeful when explaining her pop-up shop, Ça Va.

“If you look at the home goods and wellness products that we use daily, there’s a good chance you might just use them and then throw them away,” Roberts explains. “I want to replace that mentality.”

By introducing Pittsburgh to new brands – many that are NOT sold locally – Roberts is launching Ça Va on Saturday, February 8 at 5417 Butler St.

Ça Va – a pop-up shop inside Ruhling // Woven

Ça Va, a 2-month long home and body pop-up shop, opens its doors on Saturday, Feb 8, 2020. The Ça Va pop-up shop is located inside Ruhling Woven, a vintage shop in Lawrenceville with a focus on sustainability.

“The slow fashion movement emphasizes longevity and reducing waste in our day to day clothing choices,” explains Roberts. “Ruhling Woven’s emphasis on secondhand clothing and accessories fits perfectly with Ça Va and our focus on thoughtful, sustainable packaging and products you won’t want to throw away.”

The Ça Va pop-up will sell unique lines of products – unisex bath products, incense, soaps, and other body & wellness products.

What Can You Find at Ça Va?

The Ça Va pop-up will carry personal care and grooming goods, including creams, soaps and deodorants. Local ceramics maker Bombabird is collaborating with Ça Va to produce an exclusive line of matcha bowls.

There will also be body wash and skin care products, oils and hand-rolled incense.

Guests are welcome to sample items before buying.

Why Buy Home and Wellness Products at Ça Va?

Roberts has sourced products for Ça Va from a number of brands that she says fulfills three key objectives.

Approachable: “Yes, these are indie brands but that does NOT mean they have to be expensive. They are made using natural ingredients and are meant to be presented at an accessible price point.”

Thoughtful Packaging: “Many of the products at Ça Va will have reusable packaging. Instead of using something and then throwing it away, these are easily reusable products that look good – you don’t want to throw things away that carry real value.”

Fun To Use: “Everything in your own home should be something you enjoy using. If you have various tasks and things you do daily – say for example, washing the dishes – using a bamboo soap scrubber that makes the process fun is something that’s always stood out to me.”

Ça Va – that’s French, right?

Per Roberts: “Yes, the French phrase ça va is a question; and a response to a question. I love that it quite literally translates to: ‘It goes.’”

Know Before You Go: Ça Va

Location: 5417 Butler St // Pittsburgh, PA 15201 (inside Ruhling Woven)

Hours: 12pm to 6pm (Wednesday thru Saturday) // CLOSED Sunday thru Tuesday

Social Media: Follow Ça Va on Instagram

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5417 Butler St, Pittsburgh, PA 15201, USA
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