Now open for takeout: Convive Coffee Roastery in Lawrenceville

Convive Coffee Roastery now has cold brew on draft at their Lawrenceville location

by Aadam Soorma | July 8, 2020

Update July 8, 2020: Convive Coffee Roastery now has cold brew on draft at their Lawrenceville location. The shop on Butler Street is open for curbside takeout. You must use the Joe mobile app to place your order. Use this link to save $5 on your first order.

This story was originally published on January 7, 2020

After a brief soft launch, Convive Coffee Roastery is ready to officially open in Lawrenceville.

Located at 4032 Butler St, the new coffee shop’s grand opening is set for Wednesday, Jan 8.

A look inside the new Convive Coffee Roastery in Lawrenceville. Photo: Julie Kahlbaugh

Expanding from McCandless to Lawrenceville

Joe Burns, director of coffee at Convive, has been with the company for four years at their original location in McCandless (off McKnight Rd).

“It was January 2016 when we opened at McCandless Crossing,” Burns explains. “The only (coffee) option up that way was Starbucks. We wanted to bring folks a local option.”

The expansion to Lawrenceville brings with it a clean, friendly aesthetic with plants and seating for 18 people.

“We plan to unveil our back patio this summer,” Burns said. “That will give us some additional seating in the warmer months.”

Artwork inside Convive’s Lawrenceville coffee shop. Photo: Julie Kahlbaugh

On the (Coffee) Menu

Guests who are familiar with Convive can expect the same high quality, third wave coffee selections at the new Lawrenceville space.

“We plan to use a single origin, direct trade from Honduras as our house espresso,” Burns explains. “Because we use a ‘long pull’ tactic, our team is able to have precise control over the entire process.”

Espresso is served alongside soda water at Convive in Lawrenceville. Photo: Julie Kahlbaugh

A couple of drinks we’re very excited to see on Convive’s menu include cold brew (on nitro) and a draft latte. The team is aiming to have both of those offerings ready to go by summer.

“The draft latte is actually a vegan latte that we batch and serve on nitrogen from a keg. The nitro adds a smooth, frothy texture to the drink – which is served cold. We’re very excited to debut that soon.”

A look past the espresso equipment at the coffee menu inside Convive. Photo: Julie Kahlbaugh

Seasonal Tweaks and What to Expect

Burns tells us that his vision for Convive is to eliminate the perceived pretentiousness of speciality coffee.

“Someone should be able to sit down and enjoy a great espresso shot next to someone enjoying a flavored latte drink,” he says. “A lot of times, folks will ask, ‘What’s good here?’ And it’s important for us to hear from you. That way, we can guide you.”

“If I am your barista, I am not drinking YOUR drink. My goal is to MAKE you something you’ll love.”

The soft launch at Convive Coffee Roastery in Lawrenceville. The coffee shop features window seating that faces Butler Street. Photo: Julie Kahlbaugh

Burns and the Convive team have several seasonal menu items currently available at their McCandless location. Those (seasonal) items will not be part of the Lawrenceville menu upon launch.

Food and Pastry Options

Convive will continue to bake all their pastries, scones and cookies in-house (at McCandless) and transport a fresh, daily batch to Lawrenceville.

“The scones are an in-house recipe and – believe it or not – our banana muffins are fully vegan. Since everything is made fresh daily, we plan to introduce some new items and change some of the food options over time,” Burns explains.

Pastries are made fresh daily and delivered to Lawrenceville from Convive’s McCandless location. Photo: Julie Kahlbaugh

Hours of Operation at Convive

Beginning Wednesday, Jan 8, Convive plans to be open seven-days-a-week in Lawrenceville.

Monday thru Friday: 7am to 9pm

Saturday: 8am to 9pm

Sunday: 8am to 7pm

Coffee and tea options at Convive. Photo: Julie Kahlbaugh

“We are built for every coffee customer,” Burns says. “You will never get a bad cup of coffee here and we will never make you feel bad.”

Follow Convive Coffee Roastery on Instagram for updates and additions to the menu as they scale up the new Lawrenceville space.

Photo: Julie Kahlbaugh


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