Couch Brewery goes dark; all stouts, all day this Saturday

The annual 'Blackout' event features 10 variations of in-house stouts along with Pita My Shawarma food truck and blacked out cans for a one-day event.

by Aadam Soorma | November 12, 2019

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A Public Service Announcement from our friends at Couch Brewery.

There is a scheduled Blackout at the brewery, beginning at noon on Saturday, Nov 16. The Blackout – which is expected to last til 11pm – will not affect electricity.

This ‘Day of Darkness’ is a celebration of dark, flavorful beer. Featuring eight exclusive, one-day-only stout beers on draft (and in cans), here is a walkthrough of what to expect at Couch Brewery’s second-annual Blackout this weekend.

ABV, volume XLI

Blackout, a one-day stout draft takeover – Saturday, Nov 16 at Couch Brewery

For folks unfamiliar or new to Stout beers; you can think of a stout as a dark beer with a number of different variations. Stouts can be brewed with roasted malts and – just because they are dark in color – they are not necessarily stronger or more boozy than their conventional (lighter) beer counterparts.

Couch Brewery’s house stout beer is an oatmeal stout called Recliner (7.3% ABV). The variants stemming from the Recliner base stout lead us to Saturday’s Blackout event, which features 8 versions of this stout on draft.

Here’s a peek at some of the stout beers Couch plans to roll out for Blackout.

Orange Is The New Black (7.1% ABV)

An orange, vanilla stout with bright citrus and chocolate malt flavor

Couple, Two, Tree (7.1% ABV)

This maple, pecan variant stout contains deep, rich flavors.

Tiki Torch (5.3% ABV)

A pretty straightforward coconut stout, this variation has been on draft at Couch a few times in the past.

880 Yards Espresso

In collaboration with their neighbors at Commonplace Coffee, this coffee stout contains Commonplace’s cold brew concentrate from the roastery – which happens to be just up the road.

Next To Mars (6.3% ABV)

The crowd favorite from Couch’s 2018 Blackout returns. You’ll taste slightly tart, cranberry notes emanating from this variation.


When is it available: Blackout is Couch Brewery’s stout draft takeover and these one-off variation beers are available on Saturday, Nov 16.

How is it served: On draft and in commemorative blackout cans (limited availability)

Where is it available: Couch Brewery is located at 1351 Washington Blvd in Larimer.


Visiting Couch Brewery

First Time Visitor?

Parking: One thing Couch does exceptionally well is parking. It’s unbelievably plentiful. Like multiple lots. If you drive, you will park. For free. No question about it.

Food: Couch has small bites (in-house) and on Saturday – for the Blackout event – they’ve booked Pita My Shawarma food truck, beginning at 2pm. We highly recommend their Chicken Shawarma; the fries are outstanding too. Just a heads up – Pita My Shawarma will be on-site til they sell out. Our advice is to NOT wait until late evening if you’re planning to eat.

Couch is totally cool with folks ordering in as well. Chat with their staff for the #ProTips on which pizza / hoagie spots deliver to the taproom.

Interior: The interior carries a throwback / 70s / retro / disco theme. Breathe it in, baby. While you’re there, peep their Bingo board (with complementary Bingo machine). If you are wondering, yes. It actually works and they fire it up every Wednesday night (during Bingo Night). Which is verifiably lit.

Also, note the couches. It’s a comfy / chill vibe inside with plenty of lounge seating. Several of the beers carry the couch / sofa theme as well. Their hashtag? #DrinkComfortably


Photos courtesy of Couch Brewery

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