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ABV: Recliner // Couch Brewery’s flagship oatmeal stout

We’ve all driven past Couch Brewery. Here’s your reason to stop in and have a pint: their stout game (is on point).

by Aadam Soorma | March 12, 2019

Oftentimes, I feel like I talk too much.

I think too much.

I write too much.

In the interest of brevity, let’s give this a try. Below is a (hopefully) shorter, slightly abbreviated version of ABV. It’s not quite Twitter-friendly-short, but I’m typing less.



tl;dr go try this beer. Photo: Cory Morton


ABV, volume VI

Recliner – available now at Couch Brewery

Beer Name


Style / ABV

Oatmeal Stout, 7.1% ABV

Why we recommend it

In my humble opinion, Recliner is one of the best stouts in Pittsburgh and arguably my favorite stout of all time. Cary (their head brewer) nails it with this one. Since these guys opened in April 2017, they’ve delightfully kept it on tap (most times of year) and I’ve recommended it to several friends. It is goob.

Per the Couch Brewery website, Recliner is “medium bodied with roasty, chocolate & coffee undertones; it is hopped with Amarillo.”

That description is spot on correct. If you’re a fan of crushable stout beers, this one’s for you. Expect to treat yourself to 2-3 servings of the Recliner, easily.


Enjoying a sampler pour of the Recliner stout at Couch Brewery. Photo: Cory Morton


Where is it available

Couch Brewery, Larimer

When is it available

Literally right now. Recliner is a Couch Brewery staple. You can find it in the taproom most times of year.

How is it served

Couch has recently started canning their beers and even offers a mix-and-match program at their Larimer brewery. Recliner – however – tastes amazing on draft. Pro Tip: grab a growler fill and take 64-oz of this smooth goodness with you to a party. I’ve surprised folks with this one and love seeing the reax: “Damn, this is good! Can you tell us where you got it?” Boom. Instant conversation starter.

Darren with the giggles. Photo: Cory Morton

First time visitor?

One thing Couch does exceptionally well is parking. It’s unbelievably plentiful. Like multiple lots. If you drive, you will park. For free. No question about it.

Couch has small bites (in-house) and sometimes books food trucks, depending on the day of the week. I normally eat before I go, but it’s not totally necessary.

The interior carries a throwback / 70s / retro / disco theme. Breathe it in, baby. While you’re there, peep the dope Bingo board (with complementary Bingo machine). If you are wondering, yes. It actually works and they fire it up every Wednesday night (during Bingo Night). Which is verifiably lit.

Also, note the couches. It’s a comfy / chill vibe inside with plenty of lounge seating. Several of the beers carry the couch / sofa theme as well. Their hashtag? #DrinkComfortably

Getting to Couch Brewery

Sadly, it is NOT optimal to bus or bike to Couch Brewery. You can drive (and park with ease) or just snag an Uber / Lyft. For how often folks drive by Couch, it’s actually pretty prominent at the intersection of Negley Run + Washington Blvd. Plenty of signage and they’re next door to Camp Bow Wow (pupper spot).

There isn’t much else actually AROUND Couch, but getting there isn’t bad at all.


Cary (head brewer at Couch Brewery) claims that Recliner is his favorite beer. Wowee. Photo: Cory Morton


Honorable Mention

Comforter. Go on a cold day and get their Belgian Dark Strong Ale. No doubt in my mind, you’ll walk out feeling warm AF. Maybe go ahead and request that Lyft too. This baby weighs in at 8.7% ABV and you’ll feel every % of it.

Follow Couch Brewery on the socials for updates, food trucks and more. Find them on the insta nets, the Twitters and of course The Facespace.



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