The East End Brewing Keg Ride: Pedaling for pale ale and a good cause

We rode along during this year’s Pedal Pale Ale Keg Ride – an East End Brewing tradition. Watch for the surprise destination and hear from founder Scott Smith about how it all came about.

by Lindsay Patross | May 1, 2022

UPDATE MAY 2022: The Keg Ride is back! The 2022 Keg Ride will take place on Saturday, May 7, 2022. Click here for details on the 2022 ride and how to register.

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December 2019 marks 15 years of GOOD BEER for East End Brewing, a local trailblazer among Pittsburgh’s craft beer brethren.

As part of many ongoing traditions at the brewery, there’s one that especially stands out to founder Scott Smith.

East Brewing Keg Ride

East End’s ‘Pedal Pale Ale’ Keg Ride is a slow-moving procession of cyclists (led by Smith himself) to a surprise destination. Upon arrival, the ceremonial “first keg” of Pedal Pale Ale is tapped to mark the annual beer release. All riders are treated to a fresh pour of the pale ale.

The best part? Proceeds from the annual event benefit a rotating selection of local nonprofits. The 2019 Keg Ride beneficiary – Auberle – works to support foster care in the Pittsburgh region. As a foster parent himself, Smith walks through the impact of Auberle in our video and shares how the organization has compelled him to draw attention to their impactful work.

Celebrating 15 Years of East End Brewing

You can join East End Brewing at their Larimer brewpub for a weeklong celebration of 15 years in the beer biz.

From December 10-15, the East End team will release special swag and merchandise, including tap handles for your own home draft systems. They plan to sell bottles of Gratitude – a high-gravity barleywine produced at East End – and they will announce the next Pittsburgh neighborhood spotlight as part of the ‘You Are Here’ series of limited-edition beers.

A weeklong 15-Way Tap Takeover at East End

The number 15 seems to have found its way into many elements of East End Brewing:

  • 15 years in business
  • 15 staff members
  • 15 styles of East End hats
  • 15 beer taps on the wall

To honor Allegheny County’s first 15 beer producers, East End is relinquishing all 15 of its taps to the breweries who got it all started. That’s right – you can head to East End beginning Tuesday, December 10 and enjoy beer from the following breweries:

  1. Penn Brewery
  2. Church Brew Works
  3. Rock Bottom Brewery
  4. East End Brewing*
  5. Hofbrauhaus
  6. Strange Roots Experimental Ales
  7. Red Star Kombucha
  8. Aurochs Brewery
  9. Costar Brewery
  10. Roundabout Brewery
  11. Hop Farm Brewery
  12. Hitchhiker Brewery
  13. The Brew Gentlemen
  14. Grist House Craft Brewery
  15. Spoonwood Brewing Company

This chronological, collaborative hat tip is an incredible nod to Pittsburgh’s love for GOOD BEER and being a GOOD NEIGHBOR.

Video credit: Alden Roth. Aadam Soorma contributed to this article.

Lindsay Patross

Lindsay Patross

Pittsburgh born and raised, Lindsay has been writing about the people who love Pittsburgh since 2008.

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