Ed & Day’s Guide to Larimer

Melanie Dione

Melanie Dione

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Melanie Dione

Larimer is transitioning from an area full of warehouses to a bustling community.

COFFEE: KLVN Coffee Lab 

“Put some care in your coffee”

Tim “Robes” McCarthy, Head Roaster, promises “all the smells,” but only the good kind. KLVN’s West coast roast style brings out the fruitier aspects of coffee and Ed’s nose senses the difference immediately. Day sees coffee’s similarities to beer: Both offer different styles that bring out different notes. The guys are surprised by the color of unroasted beans. Learn about the sample roaster. The guys are given the chance to roast beans on their own and brew a proper pot of coffee.

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BREAKFAST: Baby Loves Tacos

“You want to feel nourished.”

Without stepping outside, the guys saunter over to Baby Loves Tacos and owner/operator Zachary Shell recommends a breakfast burritos and a set of tacos, offering the value that is customary in Pittsburgh with locally sourced food.

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PGH pro tip: Find a furry friend in this cozy neighborhood at the Humane Animal Rescue. 


The first lesson for the guys is how to pronounce “muay thai.” Marissa Barr-Hartman, who owns SKN Muay Thai with her husband Mike Seamans, loves being in a location accessible to other neighborhoods. The guys get dressed and wrapped and prepare for their lesson in this 450-year-old sport. They assess their range as they learn techniques that set muay thai apart from regular kickboxing. Ed and Day face off with what they’ve learned, and their match ends in a muay tie.

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BIKES: The Wheel Mill

An indicator of Larimer’s changing landscape was the addition of The Wheel Mill, a brick-and-mortar dedicated to biking. General Manager Mike Potoczny hopes that this indoor bicycle course creates more biking enthusiasts in the neighborhood. The guys tie on an easy course before moving them to a timed challenge which ends with Day rolling into a victory on the Pump Track. They both agree that a drink is in order.

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CRAFT COCKTAILS: Goodlander Cocktail Brewery

Wes Shonk’s business model is the same as craft beer brewery, except their kegs hold cocktails. For personal customers, Goodlander sells growlers from their taproom. MIxologists Alexis (Lex) Haynesworth and Jay Denat walk Ed and Day through making a mojito and they round out the day enjoying the fruits of their labor.

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PGH pro tip: Don’t drink on an empty stomach. Social at Bakery Square is only two minutes away.

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