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Ep. 20 Justin Greenawalt on historic homes, a buried bridge & Bellevue

Justin Greenawalt is passionate about Pittsburgh and old buildings. In this episode, we cover everything from the Pittsburgh potty to why Bellevue is worth a second look.

by Lindsay Patross | March 24, 2020


Justin Greenawalt talks with us about historic houses, the Pittsburgh potty, a buried bridge and the best spots in Bellevue. We also share some fun facts about wooden streets and a knit-from home-kit that supports Millvale.

Justin Greenawalt: Old Homes, historic preservation, buried bridges & Bellevue

Justin Greenawalt is a real estate agent and historic preservationist who is currently restoring an old home in Bellevue (and documenting the process as he goes). Justin is a member of Preservation Pittsburgh and president of the East Liberty Valley Historic Society.

You can follow Justin Greenawalt online here:

Wooden Streets

Check out our story on Roslyn Place and wooden streets for more information.


Social Distancing Box from The Stitch Party

The Stitch Party is a Pittsburgh business that offers hand-dyed yarns. The Stitch Party has teamed up with Tupelo Honey Teas (another Pittsburgh business) to offer the Social Distancing Box.


All of the profits from The Social Distancing Box will go to filling the little free pantries around Millvale. (The little free pantries are like little free libraries, but they are stocked with food instead of books.).


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