Harvie Farms Pittsburgh

Ep. 36 Harvie Farms PGH uses technology to create the ultimate CSA box

Meet Simon Huntley. He believes eating food from local farms should be as easy as ordering from Amazon.

by Stephanie Brea | September 14, 2020

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This episode was released on July 13, 2020.

Harvie Farms Pittsburgh is delivering local food to your door

Meet Simon Huntley, the founder of Harvie — a local company that uses technology to improve the community-supported agriculture (CSA) experience. He believes that eating local food grown on local farms should be as easy as ordering from Amazon. In this episode, we discuss how Harvie sows relationships with multiple local farms to build a farm share box that is similar to a trip to the farmers market, with multiple vendors including Who Cooks For You Farm, Clarion River Organics, and Jubilee Hilltop Ranch. You have the opportunity to swap out produce you don’t like just by clicking some buttons and then the box is delivered to your door. Due to COVID-19, the business is rapidly expanding; they currently serve 500 families in the Pittsburgh area.


More fresh food delivery options


While Harvie farm share only delivers to Pittsburgh zip codes (see delivery map for details), you might be interested is some of these other options for fresh fruit and vegetable delivery:


🌽 Farmbox Direct offers natural and organic produce

🍆 Hungry Root offers a grocery subscription service of fresh food and healthy stapes

🍎 The Fruit Company offers monthly fruit subscriptions

🎣 Play hooky at lunchtime

The Venture Outdoors TriAnglers program offers a Wednesday lunchtime fishing meetup on the Three Rivers Heritage Trail. Preregistration (and a fishing license) is required, but they have rods available for use and complimentary bait. They will even offer some guidance so you can attempt to catch a big one. Reserve a spot by clicking on the appropriate Wednesday event on their activities calendar.

☕️ That’s a damn fine cup of coffee

Pittsburgh Brewing Co. has partnered with Press House roasters (based in the Northside), to offer a new brew. Iron City Bean Nine to Five Blend is available to purchase via the Pittsburgh Brewing website and is offered in pounds of both ground and whole bean.


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This episode was hosted by Stephanie Brea, recorded remotely, engineered and edited by Epicast Studios.

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Stephanie Brea

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