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Ep. 22 East End Brewing’s Scott Smith on the state of Pittsburgh craft beer during the coronavirus pandemic

On this episode of The Slaw, we talk about the transformation from taprooms to take-out.

by Lindsay Patross | April 7, 2020

Scott Smith is the owner of East End Brewing, a mainstay of the Pittsburgh craft beer scene. In this episode, he shares the story of their first beer release at Kelly’s Bar and Grill over 15 years ago. We ask some of the hard questions about the current state of things in the craft beer community, as breweries have had to rapidly modify their business models and transition from taprooms to take-out and delivery. Plus, while lots of folks know that Church Brew Works used to be a church, we highlight some of the lesser-known breweries in repurposed buildings. Plus: a Pittsburgh pro tip for getting some questions answered by the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh.

Scott Smith: order online, pop your trunk, and we will wave at you through the window

With the outbreak of COVID-19 and mandated social distancing, Pittsburgh’s local craft beer scene has, pretty much almost overnight, switched from busy taprooms and special beer release events to preordering online and take-out-only beer. Some breweries are offering delivery. There are some parallels to the early days of the craft beer scene, when PA state law had many rules for new breweries. Scott shares some of East End Brewing’s origin story, as well.

For more info:

  • We wrote about East End Brewing in our ABV column. You can read it here.
  • East End Brewing has held a keg ride event each April for the past 15 years. While everything is currently on hold for the 16th annual event, check out our video to learn more about this unique group bike ride.
  • Wanna keep up with all of the breweries in Allegheny County? Check out the Pittsburgh Brewers Guild.
  • To connect with East End Brewing on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram: @eastendbrewing

Some Pittsburgh breweries set up shop in repurposed buildings

Did you know there used to be a polka bar where Allegheny City Brewery is now? That Grist House’s Millvale location used to be a butcher/meatpacking facility? Curious about the history of some of your other favorite Pittsburgh breweries? Check out our ABV column.

Pittsburgh pro tip: check out the library

The Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh might have shuttered its physical doors, but they are still able to help. While lots of folks are aware of ebooks and audiobooks, the library also has a librarian available to answer questions and virtually assist its patrons. Plus, be sure to check out (get it?) their Stay In and Read challenge.

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Header image of Scott Smith, founder of East End Brewing. Photo by Cory Morton.

Lindsay Patross

Lindsay Patross

Pittsburgh born and raised, Lindsay has been writing about the people who love Pittsburgh since 2008.

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