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Ep. 30 – High on the Hog: Talking Pittsburgh BBQ with Yinz Love BBQ

Yinz Love BBQ details all things smoked & slathered in Pittsburgh

by Stephanie Brea | June 2, 2020

A Pittsburgh BBQ Expert

Doug Derda knows barbecue, so we asked him to share some of his secrets. His website, Yinz Love BBQ, is a compendium of all things rubbed, smoked, and sauce-slathered in Western Pennsylvania. There’s a directory so you can source some good barbecue, a blog where he shares industry news and his competition experiences, and an events listing (although the latter might be less important at the moment). In this episode, Derda gives us some current take-out recommendations and highlights some of his at-home barbecue setup (spoiler alert: this thermometer will help you keep track of what is going on with your meat because smoking takes a long time and you might have to drink a lot of beers while you wait). If you plan on upping your grill game this stay-home summer, we highlight some places to consider for meat, and Derda shouts out Williams Ace Hardware in West Newton as one of his favorite one-stop shops for barbecue accessories and seasonings.

Hungry for more?

Website: yinzlovebbq.com

Facebook // Twitter @yinzlovebbq // IG: @yinzlovebbq

Rub some salt on it

You might know Steel City Salt Co. from their table outside of the Mon Amiee Chocolat shop in the Strip. But, we wanted to remind you that they have a storefront in Millvale, where you can always shop for their specialty salts and unique salt blends. Their Black & Gold Blend pays homage to the city, and they recommend that it goes with pretty much everything — kinda like how your uncle wears his Terrible Towel in his back pocket throughout Steelers season. They also recently released their own everything bagel seasoning blend, so you can shop local to spice up your homemade breads and biscuits. If you aren’t sure how you should use 2.8 ounces of gourmet salt, they offer great suggestions and recipes on their social media accounts.


Don’t snooze on ShuBrew’s growler-fill specials

Sure, Zelienople is a little bit of a drive (and, admittedly, a little bit difficult to spell on the first try). But the money you save on ShuBrew’s half-price growler night will more than pay for your gas. On Tuesday nights, you can get 64 ounces of delicious craft beer for as little as $7.50 (it is dependent on your beer of choice, obviously). They have a touchless ordering system in place for curbside pickup and they have a great food menu. This means you can get in the car, put the windows down, crank the stereo and take a little trip up I-79. Current offerings also include a Wednesday fried chicken family dinner and a barbecue dinner option on Sundays. But, what we really want to highlight, is how much effort goes into their IG posts:



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Stephanie Brea

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