Ep. 37 Historian Charles Succop brings Pittsburgh history to Instagram

He’s sharing lots of Pittsburgh history via three Instagram accounts

by Stephanie Brea | July 21, 2020

Historian Charles Succop

Meet Charles Succop, a local historian who features lots of Pittsburgh history on his three Instagram accounts: @pghthenandnow, @pittsburghistory (the H is deliberately missing) and @hiddenhousespgh.

An intern at the city archives, Succop shares what document is the oldest in the collection and he reveals some parallels between the arguments presented in city council today and the council records from Pittsburgh’s past. Our curiosity was piqued by the idea of a hidden house, which Succop explains is a house that has been modified to a commercial space (see: the Daily Bread at the corner of Roup and Penn Avenue in Garfield).

Also in this Episode:

Succop shares the story of how Thomas Edison and Henry Ford came to Pittsburgh and subsequently played games with some local Boy Scouts for a few hours. Swipe through this IG carousel for the full story.

Follow one or all of these IG accounts for Pittsburgh history

Local houses “hidden” by commercial storefronts: @hiddenhousespgh 

An in-depth look at a single spot as it transformed over time: @pghthenandnow

Pittsburgh history: @pittsburghistory

And don’t forget, the Pittsburgh City Archives has a Twitter account

Adda Bazaar is coming to Garfield

Rise and shine coffee lovers: Wipe the sleep from your eyes and remember that Adda Coffee & Tea offers online ordering so pickup is easy at either the Shadyside or Northside cafes.

Their third location, the former site of Gluten Free Goat in Garfield, is coming soon to Penn Avenue. Adda Bazaar will be a physical extension of their online community shops featuring local artisans, so you can browse while you wait for your brew.

Shrub – It isn’t just that plant on the side of your house

In sticking with the drinks theme for these segments, here’s a reminder that local specialty olive oil and vinegar company Olive & Marlowe’s flavored vinegars are an easy way to make shrub. What’s shrub? It’s a drink made with fruit-flavored vinegar syrup (the word shrub is derived from an Arabic word that means to drink) and soda water. Shrubs were popular during colonial times and saw a resurgence a few years back.

Olive & Marlowe sells a wide range of flavored vinegars, and at the time of recording they were offering free local delivery of your order, too.

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