Ep. 39 Meet author and illustrator Brooke Barker 

The woman behind the popular series Sad Animal Facts has an upcoming audiobook memoir available August 13

by Stephanie Brea | August 4, 2020

Meet Brooke Barker aka @SadAnimalFacts

Meet Brooke Barker, the author and illustrator behind “Sad Animal Facts.” What are sad animal facts? Well, exactly that — animal illustrations paired with “did you know” style, bite-sized information about animals. As Barker explains, “We’re all familiar with the concept of animals, and everyone assumes animals have these really easy and carefree lives. They’re frolicking in the woods; they’re just relaxing. They’re sleeping in cute little dens. But we don’t know how terrible animal lives are because they can’t tell us about them.”

While the project started with Barker sharing the content on the internet, she has subsequently written and illustrated two sad animal books, “Sad Animal Facts” and “Sad Animal Babies”, as well as a book about animal couples that is co-authored with her husband. In this episode, we discuss some of her favorite facts as well as her new series ‘Meet This Scientist.’ We talk about her new audiobook, “So Help Me Gosh,” which is a series of essays about growing up Mormon, and she even gives us a sneak peek by reading an excerpt.

Scroll through this carousel to meet scientist Juita Martinez and learn about her work with pelicans.

For more sad animal facts:

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To listen to Brooke’s memoir (at this point, it is only available as an audiobook)

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