Exploring Pittsburgh from Home

Newsletter: Exploring Pittsburgh From Home

Visit Pittsburgh's museum from home, learn more about the breweries in historic buildings, knitting locally and some small business shoutouts

by Lindsay Patross | April 3, 2020

Since we are all staying home right now… here are a few more ways to explore the city from your living room. Now that you’ve got some free time, spend the afternoon browsing some of the virtual collections of Pittsburgh museums and learn more about the past lives of local breweries. We’re also spotlighting some local businesses and check out some of the best coronavirus signs around town.

KNIT LOCAL: Where to buy locally made yarn
We rounded up 10 places (including online) where you can get locally made (and dyed) yarn.

MUSEUM FROM HOME: experience the arts, digitally
Here are 5 virtual collections available online from Pittsburgh museums, including The Frick, The Warhol and The CMOA.

NICE GUTCHIES: Learn about Pittsburgh’s Underwear Bike Ride
This week, our podcast guest is bicycle enthusiast Scott Kowalski – organizer of the Pittsburgh Underwear Bike Ride. Listen to him walk through this unique Pittsburgh tradition.

YE OLDE BREWERY: Before beer, these buildings led different lives
Pittsburgh loves to repurpose its buildings – these 12 local breweries are housed in buildings that used to be churches, schools, butchers and even a polka dance hall.

GUIDANCE FROM A WITCH: Leslie McAllister of Juju
Although her modern, metaphysical storefront is closed during the quarantine, Leslie McAllister is casting a calming light across Pittsburgh. We chat about her over-the-phone tarot readings and virtual offerings.

FISH FRY TO-GO: Carry on the tradition with carry out
Your Pittsburgh TGIF content is not complete without a fish fry. Here’s where you can order take out for these last few Fridays in Lent.

WALK IT OUT: A self-guided walking tour of downtown
In observance with social distancing practices, you can still get outside for a brisk walk. Enjoy this self-guided, landmark-filled walking tour that spotlights the sights of downtown.


Small Business Shoutouts:

  • 🚚 Red Star Kombucha – Red Star is offering delivery on orders over $22.00
  • 🔧 Glenshaw Auto Service – Glenshaw Auto Service is offering free oil changes to all healthcare professionals
  • 🍆 East End Food Co-op – Did you know that the East End Food Co-op has both pick up and delivery available?

Know of a small business that deserves a shout out? Let us know here.

Lindsay Patross

Lindsay Patross

Pittsburgh born and raised, Lindsay has been writing about the people who love Pittsburgh since 2008.

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