Finding Adventure in New Orleans: Fishing, Jet Skiing and Flying Lessons

Marielle Songy

Marielle Songy

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Marielle Songy

In this episode of ‘Finding Adventure,’ host Kinga Phillips will take Amber Robinson on a day that she won’t soon forget. 

During the pandemic, Amber lost her job with United Airlines and began woodworking to feed her soul. She wants to build her confidence, reconnect with nature and find a new direction for her life.

Fishing with Salty Dog Charters

Salty Dog Charters has been offering fishing trips out of New Orleans since 2007. Amber used to fish with her mother and aunt and wants to reconnect with those memories.

At Salty Dog Charters, you can enjoy marsh and bay fishing, breton sound oil rig fishing and bow fishing.

More info: Check out the Salty Dog Charters website for information on fishing trips.

Jet skiing on Lake Pontchartrain 

📍Lake Pontchartrain  

For her next adventure, Amber hit the waves of Lake Pontchartrain with Grand Jet Ski Rentals. Amber had a great time racing with Kinga on the Lake.

More info: Looking to rent a jetski? Check out RVR SZN Rentals. Jet ski rental options are limited, but check out the Louisiana Northshore website for kayak rentals, fishing charters, sailboat tours and more.  

Flying lessons with New Orleans Aerial Tours & Flight Training 

📍New Orleans Lakefront Airport

Since 2003, New Orleans Aerial Tours & Flight Training has been recognized as one of the finest flight educational training facilities and this flight school is known for its professional, highly structured flight training programs. Amber got in touch with aerial roots by flying a small plane over the city with the help of an instructor.

More info: Flying lessons start at $142, check out the New Orleans Aerial Tours & Flight Training website for more info. 

Looking for more adventure? 

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