From the Couturie Forest to Big Lake: everything you need to survive a day in City Park

City Park is over a thousand acres of nature ready and waiting for you to explore! From the isolation of the Couturie Forest to the community space at Big Lake, here's everything you need for a great day at City Park.

by Mary Staes
June 17, 2020

City Park is over a thousand acres of nature ready and waiting for you to explore! From the isolation of the Couturie Forest to the community space at Big Lake, here’s everything you need for a great day at City Park.

First things first, it’s hot.

Product info: Whether you’re heading out in the heat of summer or in winter, the sun is still out and the UV rays are kicking. This twin pack sprays on for easy application and is water resistant for 80 minutes after application.

Promising review: “I applied often (maybe even more than recommended) but after multiple days in the Florida sun the product left me burn free. Still gives you a bit of color / tan keep in mind but it leaves no sun burn damage.”

Buy it on Amazon: $9.99

Be prepared

Product info: Weather getting bad? Need a charge for your phone? Out in the dark? This hand-cranked portable radio/flashlight/battery charger combo provides everything you’d need in a cinch.

Promising review: “This radio does it all, and is quite impressive. It’s compact size (about like a woman’s wallet) but don’t let the size fool you. It has the ability to play AM/FM or weather radio stations and it is plenty loud. It comes with an alarm siren to sound if you’re trapped or lost. It has 2 light sources, one main flashlight and one smaller light. It also can be charged multiple ways and ran off multiple power sources.”

Buy it on Amazon: $32.99

A spot to chill

Product info: Tree straps & carabiners are included w/this hammock making set up a breeze. No need to tie any knots. The hammock straps are 9-feet long (not 2-feet like others) and come with five separate loops so you can adjust your hammock to the perfect height and comfort level. You can attach them to anything sturdy, like trees and get to relaxing in just one minute! It’s that fast.

Promising review: “The straps are a fabulous idea. I’d never used them before, but they were great. They make it very easy to fine tune the tension and length of the hammock set up.”

Buy it on Amazon: $37.95

Breezin’ on the Bayou

Product info: Lightweight and compact, this kayak is a snap to assemble, and allows you to take the fun of kayaking wherever you go. It’s perfect for either Big Lake of the bayous in and around the park.

Promising review: “I love this kayak! You can go swimming in the middle of the lake. Re-entering is easy and it won’t flip. When you remove both seats 2 people can comfortably sit on inflated floor facing each other and enjoy lazy afternoon on the water. You can also buy kayak anchor and enjoy sunshine without a drift.”

Buy it on Amazon: $90.12

Chair and a cooler combo

Product info: The cooler built into the armrest holds up to 4 cans and provides easy access to a cold drink once the one in your mesh cup holder is empty. While you sip on your favorite beverage, the fully cushioned seat and back only adds to your relaxation. If you want your hands free, the side pockets work nicely to store your book, magazine or some snacks. When the fun is done, the chair easily folds up into a carry bag for easy transport and storage.

Promising review: “We’ve had these chairs for over a year and they are some of my favorite chairs that we’ve ever owned! I use them a lot during the summer and I’ve never had a problem with either of the chairs.”

Buy it on Amazon: $28.12

Outdoor Picnic Blanket

Product info: Picnicking on Big Lawn? This blanket is big enough for four people sitting and 2 people lying down. It’s also waterproof so if the ground is wet, no problem!

Promising review: “This is a great picnic blanket to keep in the car to take to the beach or the park or even the back yard. I have several of these fold up mats and will never be without one!”

Buy it on Amazon: $21.99

Need a closer look?

Product info: Bird watching on Scout Island? Trying to figure out if that log on the bayou is actually an alligator? These binoculars help you see as far as 1,000 yards away.

Product reviews: “These binoculars are fun to use and to experiment with, now I keep mine in the car all the time to use it when I’m go fishing from the beach to a hike on the woods.”

Buy it on Amazon: $26.35

Gallon Water Bottle

Product info: If you’re going to be outdoors all day, you need to be hydrated. Motivational saying on the side along with time markers help keep you motivated and it has a removable straw to make drinking easier.

Promising review: “The bottle feels a little large, but the handle makes it easy to carry. Because I need a drinking bottle that does not require me to refill it at all during the day, I will deal with it feeling slightly large.”

Buy it on Amazon: $18.95

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