New Year, New Beer

After years of distributing 12-oz bottles, Full Pint Brewing is rolling out 16-oz cans (and they look sweet)

by Aadam Soorma | January 17, 2019

Chat with the guys at Full Pint Brewing and you’ll hear why the switch from 12-oz bottles to 16-oz cans was inevitable.

“We are called FULL PINT but we fill 12-oz bottles,” Barrett Goddard explains (while chuckling). “The move toward 16-oz cans is happening and it just makes sense.”

As head brewer at Full Pint, Goddard enjoys a fair share of the fruits of his labor. His favorite?

“Of all the beers in our lineup, the one that’s in my fridge the most is our All-In Amber Ale. It’s such a nice, easy drinking beer.”

Photo Credit: Cole Bradley

As any modern day beer nerd can attest, canned beer certainly has its perks: it is lighter to transport, easier to open (no need for bottle openers) and typically keeps its freshness longer.

Beginning at noon on Saturday, Jan 19 – Full Pint will release their inaugural run of 16-oz cans (which includes the All-In Amber).

Below are the three flagship beers available for purchase in 4-packs. You can stock up at either location: their North Versailles brewhouse OR Lawrenceville taproom.


Upcoming can releases will include seasonals, one-off beer releases and throwbacks to classic Full Pint recipes.


To be fair, the new cans look great.

Photo Credit: Andrew Miskowiec, Full Pint Brewing


Yes, we can.


Lead Image: Cole Bradley

Aadam Soorma

Aadam Soorma

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