Barebones Georgia McBride

Grab Your Tickets to The Legend of Georgia McBride Before They’re Gone

As Elvis says, "It’s Now or Never"

by Stephanie Brea | February 8, 2019

A barebones productions, well, production almost always sells out. If you’re a lucky procrastinator, they will add on an additional performance. But then that will typically sell out, too. This is one of those times when the adage “you snooze, you lose” applies. Here’s your advance warning: Tickets are on sale now.

Meet Barebones Theater

Barebones Theater has been producing plays in and around Pittsburgh since 2003. They’re known for productions that appeal to both folks who have the Benedum’s seating chart memorized and those who prefer their season tickets to be Steelers.

Barebones often produces plays in unique venues and opened their own Black Box Theater in Braddock in 2015.  Helmed by Patrick Jordan (Pitt grad and the City Paper’s Best Local Actor in 2017), barebones is known for risk-taking and ingenuity. (I still think fondly of the time they installed a temporary wrestling ring at Ace Hotel for “The Elaborate Entrance of Chad Deity.”)

The Legend of Georgia McBride: Elvis Impersonator & Drag Queens

“The Legend of Georgia McBride,” their latest offering, features an Elvis impersonator, drag queens, and the timeless narrative of a man down on his luck. There’s singing and dancing and hopefully some classic Elvis upper-lip sneers. I’d include some song puns, but NextPittsburgh does it best here.

Wanna make a night of it? Dinner options in Braddock

Barebones recommends pregaming your theater with a meal at Kevin Sousa’s legendary, award-winning Superior Motors (they are housed in the same building). They conveniently list suggested reservation times, so read the fine print.

Make sure your travels across the Rankin Bridge include a stop Brew Gentlemen (yeah, they won awards, too). They don’t widely distribute their beers, so use your time wisely. Aadam, our resident beer reporter, says that the current batch of General Braddock’s IPA is particularly good. While Brew Gentlemen doesn’t have a kitchen, they have a rotation of VERY GOOD food trucks parked on site.

Or you can visit the brick and mortar location of Brassero Grill. Fernando probably served you a burrito or quesadilla from his food truck’s window over the years (or even some late night food at Shadow Lounge), but his restaurant offers an expanded menu (and he has been playing around with Sunday brunch for you matinee ticket holders).

Veteran-owned Portagallo Peppers N’At has a diverse beer list that ranges from Miller Light to Polish imports to local craft favorites from Helltown, Hop Farm, and Arsenal cider. Their menu includes oversized sandwiches such as the Monongahela Meat Monster (a knife & forker that’s too big to eat with your hands).

Everything you need to know about visiting the Barebones Black Box Theater

Street parking in Braddock is plentiful. The 61B bus deposits you in the heart of Braddock, but you’re probably better off using Uber or Lyft unless you want to put in some serious time with your latest podcast or library book.

barebones productions, Inc.
Getting there
1211 Braddock Ave, Braddock, PA 15104, USA
Stephanie Brea

Stephanie Brea

Stephanie has been organizing events since 1998, starting with a series of motorcycle rides through the Arizona desert to support her father’s business. She’s probably crossed your name off a presale ticket list or served you a beer somewhere around town.

An undergrad degree in poetry means she has lots of unpractical knowledge about iambic pentameter, while a brief stint as a copy editor for Alternative Press taught her that twenty one pilots is stylized in all lowercase letters.

Wanna throw a party in a vacant parking lot? She’s interested.

At the onset of COVID-19, Stephanie took on the role of podcast producer for The Slaw. She’s pretty familiar with a microphone, thanks to that aforementioned poetry degree, and she’s got the wherewithal to ask Epicast Studios for help. She listens to too many true crime podcasts, and currently records from her bedroom.

If you know of someone who would be the perfect podcast guest, send her an email.

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