East End Brewing's Hard Seltzer

G&T: East End Brewing’s first hard seltzer is inspired by the classic cocktail

You can pick up cans of G&T Hard Seltzer at the brewery

by Lindsay Patross | February 19, 2021

East End Brewing has been known for its creative approaches to beer. They have been brewing beer here in Pittsburgh for 16 years and are currently working their way through brewing a beer for every neighborhood in Pittsburgh. (Here is our story on their East Liberty beer). The brewery has also hosted some unique events. Scroll down to watch our video on East End Brewing’s annual keg ride (which is currently on hold due to COVID-19).

East End Brewing has long had some non-alcoholic beverages on tap. (Check out our story on non-alcoholic offerings from local breweries.) The G&T Hard Seltzer is the first hard seltzer made by East end Brewing.

A little more about the G&T hard Seltzer from East End Brewery’s Scott Smith:

We started off with a couple hundred pounds of juniper berries, dried orange peels, and a handful of other botanicals that you find in the finest gins of the world. Then we introduced a second set of flavors common to tonic water… gentian root for bi&erness, and some fresh lime to bring it all together in a brightened final form.

A\er more than 12 months of research, two dozen bench trials with different combinations, processes, and ingredients, we’re pre&y excited about the results. And now we’ve finally arrived at our desMnaMon: The Canning and Release Day for our G&T Hard Seltzer.

Where to find G&T Hard Seltzer

G&T Hard Seltzer is available in cans at East End Brewery. You can pick up A four-pack in person or order online for curbside pick up or free delivery.

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Lindsay Patross

Lindsay Patross

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