HLane Dry Goods & Coffee

Now Open: HLane Dry Goods & Coffee in Swissvale

A hybrid concept, HLane offers on-site seamstress and tailor services along with an approachable coffee shop in an industrial-rustic space.

by Julie Kahlbaugh | December 23, 2019

The ability to inject energy into a community is always a challenging endeavor, but one of the most engaging and fascinating platforms of our collective day-to-day is the coffee shop.

A bustling epicenter of commerce and community engagement where new ideas flow, old friends meet, startups form, and college tests are crammed for.

A look inside HLane Dry Goods & Coffee in Swissvale. Photo: Julie Kahlbaugh

Coffee shop interactions are memorable and captivating.

It’s a place where people feel safe to exchange ideas and find solitude. It has, for many communities, become a cornerstone of togetherness.

But what about communities that don’t check all the boxes for primary demographics and aesthetics? Do they not deserve the same opportunity and latitude to promote growth?

An area to gather and relax inside HLane Dry Goods & Coffee. Photo: Julie Kahlbaugh

Opening a Coffee Shop in Swissvale

Hannah and Geoff Critzer were faced with that very question when decided to open a coffee shop in Swissvale; the second-tier stepchild of the Edgewood faction.

More seating areas inside HLane. Photo: Julie Kahlbaugh

Swissvale is a borough that is located on the eastern edge of the city of Pittsburgh. A portion of the neighborhood sits right next to Regent Square and continues on the other side of the Parkway East. HLane Dry Goods and Coffee is located at 2009 Noble Street right in the heart of the Swissvale business district.

Hannah, a Virginia native, migrated to Pittsburgh five years ago with her husband, Geoff. They fell in love with Swissvale and soon bought a home. After a short while, the duo searched for a way to minister and contribute to the community that had stolen their hearts so quickly. They toyed around with the idea of opening a seamstress/tailoring business but wanted a more sustainable revenue ecosystem. A coffee bar turned out to be the right fit.

Preparing a pull of espresso at HLane. Photo: Julie Kahlbaugh

With Hannah’s expert background as a seamstress, and Geoff’s deep love for restoration of properties, they jumped into the entrepreneurial waters. In a back room of the coffee shop (Often with her daughter), Hannah designs, sews, and curates clothing. She also hunts for vintage records, and locally sourced products to sell like greeting cards, ceramics, and honey (Dry Goods).

Co-Owner Hannah Critzer working in the seamstress / tailoring area of HLane. Photo: Julie Kahlbaugh

Crizter’s vision was to create a modern throwback to the Dry Goods stores first established in the 1700’s. Custom wood shelving, vintage décor and seating, and handmade signs offer an eclectic and inviting atmosphere that warms the spirit.


Inspiration for HLane Dry Goods & Coffee

Hannah’s inspiration for HLane comes from her family’s affinity for colonial reenactments, and she became somewhat prolific in creating period-accurate garments for the performances.

Fast forward to a little over a year of being in business and the community has taken in HLane with open arms. It is now a popular spot that boasts many regulars.

Hannah Critzer at HLane in Swissvale. Photo: Julie Kahlbaugh

Support from the Swissvale community

“The biggest supporters have by far been the people of Swissvale.”

There’s something frighteningly authentic about the Swissvale community. What many see as an undesirable area, the Critzer’s see joy and hope in the youth who visit their shop every week, and a community that has rallied around people investing in people, not statistics.

“They’re so friendly and supportive,” Critzer said.

HLane is located at 2009 Noble Street in Swissvale. Photo: Julie Kahlbaugh
Julie Kahlbaugh

Julie Kahlbaugh

After returning to Pittsburgh in 2015, Julie Kahlbaugh officially started her photography career. Her work now resides within different publications and businesses throughout the city. When she's not shooting, you can find her sippin' on spro and immersed in her other business, Coffee Passport PGH.

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