Hop Culture brings one-night only tap takeover to Smallman Galley

The team behind ‘Juicy Brews’ sold out their beer festival. Now, they’re treating Pittsburgh to a tap takeover where seven out-of-town breweries will pour beers for all.

by Aadam Soorma | February 27, 2019

If you’re reading this, it’s too late.

To get tickets to Juicy Brews Late Night, that is.

Our friends at Hop Culture balance their craft beer publishing duties with another duty: throwing some of the country’s most memorable beer festivals. Unfortunately, tickets to their festivals sell out rather quickly. Like, within minutes.


Juicy Brews Late Night (at Cinderlands in the Strip District) is Hop Culture’s latest installment of their recurring nationwide beer festival series.


Their latest beer festival venture – Juicy Brews Late Night – brings a slew of the nation’s most talked about breweries to Pittsburgh for a night of unlimited beer pours and a preview of Cinderlands’ new Strip District facility.


Although the Saturday festival is sold out, Hop Culture’s founder is a Pittsburgh native. And, he made sure Pittsburgh’s beer crowd would NOT feel excessive FOMO. Anyone is welcome to hit up Hop Culture’s very special ‘Late Night tap takeover’ at Smallman Galley.



That’s right.

On Fri March 1 (one night before the actual beer fest), Hop Culture is working with Cinderlands and Smallman Galley to bring a repository of out of town beers to the NFRP (non festival regular person) crowd. The tap takeover is slated to run from 9pm to midnight at Smallman Galley.


Here are the breweries pouring at Juicy Brews Late Night Takeover:


Cinderlands (Pittsburgh, PA)

Solemn Oath (Naperville, IL)

Hop Butcher (Darien, IL)

Wander (Bellingham, WA)

Burley Oak (Berlin, MD)

Night Shift (Everett, MA)

Hacienda (Baileys Harbor, WI)



Dancing Gnome’s underscore raspberry (sour) beer. Photo: Cory Morton



If you were lucky enough to snag a ticket to Saturday night’s main event, then you’ll see the breweries listed above (and a few others) during the beer festival, which is doubling as a space reveal for Cinderlands’ upcoming Strip District brewery and taproom.


Pro Tip: beers could vary between ‘festival beers’ and the tap takeover selection. Either way, the takeover at Smallman Galley is a one-night only event.


Very Local’s Hot Take


Besides Cinderlands (duh!), Very Local welcomes our out of town breweries to Pittsburgh. Which ones are we most excited to sample?


Stephanie Brea, events manager: don’t miss Burley Oak. I visited their Maryland-based brewery and it is AWESOME. Highly recommend checking these guys out while they’re pouring in Pittsburgh.


Aadam Soorma, digital curator: Wander. Literally they are here from Bellingham, WA to pour beers alongside their brewery brethren. Let’s show them love and appreciation for traveling the furthest to be part of this fun weekend.


In like a lion…



Aadam rocking his Hop Culture swag (on the reg). Photo: Cory Morton




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