A group of ladies pose while eating some fried chicken during the National Fried Chicken Festival at Woldenberg Park in New Orleans on Saturday, September 22, 2018.  (Photo by Peter G. Forest)  Instagram:  @forestphoto_llc

How we spent the last day of summer in New Orleans

How did you spend the last day of summer in New Orleans?

by Kiri Walton | September 23, 2018

The final day of summer in New Orleans was 92 degrees with on-again, off-again showers, loads of sunshine and thousands of pieces of fried chicken.

Sounds about right for New Orleans.

So, how did we locals spend our final day of summer? (And can we really call Sept. 22 the end of summer in New Orleans? Isn’t it really just the start of the second half of our summer?)

We went to the Fried Chicken Festival.

We met up with Jessica Johnson of Fat Girl NOLA after she finished judging some of the dishes at this year’s Fried Chicken Festival, but we had to quickly duck under the VIP tent to escape a sudden torrential downpour. Even under the tent, we still got quite wet, but a little water never stops the show in our city.


We checked out all the sites and scenes throughout the Festival.

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And so did all of you!

We tasted as many of the 400 beers at NOLA On Tap as we possibly could, and we brought our doggos!

We didn’t go to Darth Susan, er, Taylor Swift’s concert at the SuperDome.

NASHVILLE, TN – AUGUST 25: Taylor Swift performs onstage during the reputation Stadium Tour at Nissan Stadium on August 25, 2018 in Nashville, Tennessee. (Photo by John Shearer/TAS18/Getty Images for TAS)

Or did we? Apparently, Taylor filled the Dome more than Queen Bey could, setting a record for the Dome’s largest audience ever for a female performer, according to NOLA.com.

The first thing that comes to mind after “meh” when I think of her latest album is the fact that its cover and her face were plastered on UPS trucks for a while. Even as I type this, I struggle to remember the name of the album without Googling it. (Oh, yeah, “Reputation.”) But I’ll Kanye-style interrupt this light-dragging of T-Swift to remind everyone that it was just a few years ago that she was the reigning Queen of Pop because her album, “1989,” rightfully earned its standing as one of the greatest pop albums of all time. (It sold 4 million more copies than “Reputation” and almost anyone you encounter knows the chorus of “Shake It Off.”)

So, maybe some (alright, a whole bunch) of us NOLA locals did spend our last day of summer singing along with thousands of other fans to some of those delightful hits from a bygone era (four years ago) that seemed as light as that tan suit our charismatic President Barack Obama wore that one time. Good ol’ 2014. So why do we have a feeling the Dome was filled with mostly out-of-towners, parents with tweens and a few of those die-hards who don’t have to Google Taylor’s latest album title? Prove us wrong. Send us your pics!

Full disclosure: Taylor’s concert before Bayou Country Superfest in 2015 was one of the greatest concerts I’ve ever attended. She is a helluva performer, and singing along to her poppy hits with thousands of other people while your wristbands light up to the beats is dope AF.

Kiri Walton

Kiri Walton

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