Very Local is hosting an event with the Blue Sparrow Food Truck on the Northside on June 1, 2019.

June 1 // Local x Global: NORTHSIDE

What happens when Pittsburgh’s global street food truck, Blue Sparrow, decides to go off-menu and find inspiration in a local neighborhood?

by Lindsay Patross | May 22, 2019

Local x Global: NORTHSIDE is a rare opportunity for you to taste what happens when Luke Cypher, head chef and owner of Blue Sparrow, is inspired by the Northside’s historic Deutschtown neighborhood. For one day only, the Blue Sparrow menu will feature an item with a German influence. For those of you familiar with the food truck’s current menu offerings, you know that Cypher and his team typically serve items such as japchae noodles, bibimbap, or a burger with a ramen noodle bun — global street food. They make everything from scratch, from their bahn mi bun to their kimchi, and this will be no exception.

On Saturday, June 1, the Blue Sparrow bus will be parked at Allegheny City Brewing, so we can pair this crazy menu item with some Northside neighborhood beer.

How do I get in on all this action?

If you want this special menu item in your belly (and a Local x Global: NORTHSIDE neighborhood sticker), you have to snag your ticket in advance. No walk-ups will be served. Commitment is crucial.

Because we’re parking in the 15212 zip code, you’ll get the special Deutschtown sandwich AND a beer for $12.

Tickets here:

If your spirit isn’t feeling so adventurous and you just want to come to eat the traditional Blue Sparrow menu, no advance planning is required.

Want a closer look at Blue Sparrow? Here’s the first video in our food truck series.[0]=68.ARCjYnYcsLU2tGKTM0lRVULYcLVep6Z4MtgvEwh1Ve2Ij_TI71umdQlnUDSSmPR-y7Z9It3UXV-i4ykcXYV3GMlx-o5VmZS2iWHw9PBNI_fL2dwrPhmYJSK-OgQ9gj4y3lqzrn51SiQN2JIPeDqpMEMimFi6fqxG8mdYwsK2OZwi0KRGU3F6fvtqfkR6mpTItARId1bM0N3c_uEJvcFAqVOzXkk6Mk48oYtBro43VUGv3NVbodbWTNzfy16XnzYlNlXfzF6zNF0NgzDttIkAsh1nOdBTNZvhFG4ak1WIn2KZsZSrB56BEAJR5CMJA8_HvOlQwFVXLNtS_roEnLZrSoSTU_cHj1iCiUX5x-LLrivT7PJasNfvH3KnAhsgQ67z–fNVEBXeYiN27a-UoD1R0_F_2o_5-MAHuNmcQJHPjtvCeYjKt9e56S2tkHZgA5h53oif8uNwaEWhByGZEeCiRAVC3VCxeKg3TQCjsa1eoEVtjovVHzxFR9hkp605RGJLp7A9WI&__tn__=-R

Local x Global: NORTHSIDE Details:

  • Date: Saturday, June 1, 2019
  • Time: 2:00pm-7:00pm
  • Location: Allegheny City Brewery (Technically, the bus will be parked in the parking lot by the iconic “Welcome to Deutschtown” mural)
  • Cost: $12 for the Deutschtown sandwich & a beer from ACB (Advance tickets required)
  • Tickets:

Hungry for more?

June 1st just also happens to be the Mexican War Streets Yard Sale. So come to the Northside early to score some sweet deals and used treasures.

Lindsay Patross

Lindsay Patross

Pittsburgh born and raised, Lindsay has been writing about the people who love Pittsburgh since 2008.

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Download the Very Local app to stream all of the Very Local original series for FREE!