Now Open: KLVN Coffee Lab on Hamilton Ave

Located two blocks from East End Brewing, the KLVN Coffee Lab team has opened their coffee shop (and roaster) in a revived, industrial space

by Aadam Soorma | February 5, 2020

Editor’s Note: Although the cafe seating section is temporarily closed, KLVN is open for curbside takeout (8am to 3pm). Check their Instagram for daily updates.

A specialty, Scandinavian style coffee roaster, KLVN Coffee Lab now has a full-service coffee shop you can visit in the East End of Pittsburgh.

Located at 6600 Hamilton Ave, KLVN officially opened their doors on Monday, February 3.


KLVN Coffee Lab

After roasting small batch, single-origin coffees for four years, KLVN invites guests to be amongst their roasting process while enjoying a cup of coffee.

“You can watch us roast right from the bar,” explains Rachel Strongosky of KLVN. “It’s a laid back coffee shop vibe but – at the same time – also feels like you are part of something.”


The large, industrial space – located on Hamilton Ave near Washington Blvd – features ample room for events and future pop-ups.

“We are getting some new baristas and team members trained before rolling out any events, but it’s definitely something that could be a good fit for this space,” Strongosky says.

Know Before You Go: KLVN Coffee Lab

Location: 6600 Hamilton Ave // Pittsburgh, PA 15206

Parking: on street

Hours: Monday thru Saturday: 7am to 5pm // Sunday: 7am to 3pm


Follow KLVN Coffee Lab

Facebook: KLVN Coffee Lab

Instagram: @KLVNcoffeelab

Nearby: East End Brewing and Red Star Kombucha

KLVN is located behind Bakery Square, on the other side of the busway. Alongside their neighbors, KLVN completes a local beverage trifecta with coffee, kombucha and beer all within a short walk of one another. We recommend visiting neighborhood favorites Red Star Kombucha and East End Brewing.

Coffee: KLVN; on Hamilton Ave.

Kombucha: Red Star Kombucha, next door to KLVN; wrapping up final inspections & aiming to be open 11am to 8pm daily

Beer: East End Brewing, 1 block from from KLVN on Julius St; open everyday except Monday


KLVN’s specialty focus: Single-Profile Coffee

Folks who have tried KLVN Coffee will note their focus on single-origin, single-profile coffee.

“We describe the coffee as clean and juicy,” Strongosky explains. “Since we don’t try to blend coffees, every cup carries its own (taste) profile.”


Other Places Serving KLVN Coffee

KLVN coffee is currently available at a number of coffee shops and restaurants in the area.

Header image courtesy of KLVN Coffee Lab

KLVN Coffee Lab
Getting there
6600 Hamilton Ave Fl 1, Pittsburgh, PA 15206, USA
Mon-Fri 7 AM – 5 PM
Sat 8 AM – 5 PM
Sun 8 AM – 4 PM
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