Maddy and Dixie Take Sactown: Create and Innovate

LeeAnn Huntoon

LeeAnn Huntoon

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LeeAnn Huntoon

In this episode of Maddy and Dixie Take Sactown, Maddy and Dixie use their hands to create and innovate. Sacramento has a great art scene full of museums and murals, but they also have innovation happening in unexpected places.

Watch the full episode of “Maddy & Dixie Take Sactown” on the Very Local app to see them create whimsical latte art, build a community garden box, and learn the craft of balloon-making. 

Coffee Tasting in Sacramento 

Chocolate Fish Coffee Roasters

Chocolate Fish Coffee Roasters is a specialty coffee roaster in Downtown Sacramento. The owners came from New Zealand and wanted to bring the espresso culture to Sacramento. They started by roasting beans from their producers in their garage and eventually opened their first location in 2008 (there are two more locations now). 

Maddy and Dixie go through a coffee tasting class in the Chocolate Fish coffee lab and learn how to make latte art afterwards. It’s harder than it looks and one of the hosts has to take a second turn at it.

Plant-Based Restaurants in Sacramento 

Burger Patch

Burger Patch serves plant-based burgers, fries, and shakes. They opened in 2017 and already have four locations. In addition to delicious burgers, the restaurant also serves up plant-based chicken, snack wraps, and mac n’ cheese bowls. Burger Patch offers a seasonal menu so there’s always something new and delicious to try. 

Maddy and Dixie go behind the scenes to learn how the secret patch sauce is made.

Makerspaces in Sacramento 

Community Shop Class

Community Shop Class is a makerspace focused on community projects. It was designed to bring tools, access, and information to community members who have the desire to build and create. The space is affordable, accessible, and welcoming to everyone in the neighborhood. There are several different creation stations within the shop, including a screenprinting space, a podcast studio, and woodworking areas. 

Maddy and Dixie work alongside the founder, Chad Orcutt, to make a planter box that’ll be used in a community garden. 

Balloon-Making in Sacramento 

Lush Balloons 

Lush Balloons is a Luxury balloon company that’s well-known in Sacramento for creating beautiful balloon bouquets and balloon arches. Lush Balloons provides balloons for everything from large events — like the Sacramento Kings draft party — to small family events. 

Maddy and Dixie go behind the scenes to learn how to make balloon flowers.

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