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March 17: Pittsburgh Artists to Host Bag Sale @ Ace Hotel

All the art, t-shirts, prints, mugs you can fit into a bag for $20

by Lindsay Patross | March 4, 2019

Update 3/15/19: Check out some of the items that the artist will be bringing to the bag sale here.


Some of the artists who are organizing the Bag It Up sale have participated in past seconds sales. I can tell you first hand; they offer up some great items at amazing prices. On Sunday, March 17, a group of Pittsburgh artists are offering up their seconds for what promises to be an epic bag sale.

How does it work?

$20 for a big bag that you can fill with merchandise from the participating artists.

What artists will be participating? 

What kinds of things can I expect to find at this sale? 

Based on some of the past seconds sales I’ve attended here is my best guess as to what these artists will be bringing to the bag sale. Keep an eye on their Instagram accounts to see if they post any preview photos. This bag sale is a great way to pick up some made in Pittsburgh artwork and accessories for a great price.

  • strawberryluna [IG: @strawberryluna] – hand screen-printed prints on paper or tea towels
  • garbella [IG: @garbella] – hand screen-printed t-shirts, onesies, tea towels, pillows, mugs and more. I’m pretty sure I bought ALL of the “Dear Pittsburgh I Love You” items from the last Garbella sale.
  • Alternate Histories [IG: @AlternativeHistories] – Monster prints, cards, calendars, and more.
  • everyday balloons print shop [IG: @everydayballoonsshop] – t-shirts, cards, koozies, and more
  • Sapling Press [IG: @SaplingPress ] – cards, cards, and more funny cards all letterpressed by hand. I hope she has some of the mugs that are on the Sapling Press Instagram account at the bag sale too.
  • Worker Bird [IG: @WorkerBird ] – Worker bird makes art out of recycled tins, I’d expect to see some of her art, greeting cards and some of the tea towels she has been selling. I hope to snag a dippy the dinosaur tea towel.
  • Knotzland Bowties [IG: @Knotzland] – Made in Pittsburgh bowties.
  • Wildcard [IG: @WildcardPGH] – This one is the real wildcard, Wildcard is a store in Lawrenceville that sells greeting cards and gifts from artists. Whatever they bring to the sale, you will likely want to put into your bag.


Bag It Up! Pittsburgh Artists Seconds Sale Detail

Date: Sunday, March 17, 2019

Time: 11 am – 3pm

Where: Ace Hotel in East Liberty

Cost: $20 for a bag

Food situation: The Ace Hotel has an award-winning sit-down restaurant, The Whitfield, that offers brunch as well as a coffee shop in the lobby. Since it is a Sunday, the Whitfield will likely be crowded with the brunch crowd. There are lots of other spots nearby in East Liberty. For a quick bite, we recommend Zeke’s Coffee on Penn Ave.

Parking situation: Street parking in Pittsburgh is free on Sundays. There is a large public lot behind the Ace Hotel. East Liberty Presbyterian Church is located across the Street from the Ace. Sunday services end around noon, so it will be a little easier to park after that. The Ace Hotel offers valet parking for a fee.

More info: Keep an eye on the Bag It Up! Pittsburgh Artists Seconds Sale Facebook event for updates.

Ace Hotel Pittsburgh
Getting there
120 S Whitfield St, Pittsburgh, PA 15206, USA
Zeke's Coffee Pittsburgh
Getting there
6015 Penn Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15206, USA

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Lindsay Patross

Lindsay Patross

Pittsburgh born and raised, Lindsay has been writing about the people who love Pittsburgh since 2008.

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