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Mid-City Spoker Poker is your new fave NOLA event you haven’t heard of yet

It's a bar crawl on a bike with drink specials, free food and a chance to win hundreds of dollars all while helping survivors of domestic violence/sexual assault while burning cals. Dope AF.

by Kiri Walton | October 4, 2018

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Maybe you’ve never heard of it. Spoker Poker. What is it?

Well, it just happens to be one of the most fun events in the city, but even now in its 4th year, it still feels like a well-kept secret. And we’re here to let you know about the greatest parts of our truly incredible city, so you know we had to drop the details about the 4th Annual Mid-City Rotary Spoker Poker event happening on Saturday, Oct. 6.

So, Spoker Poker is a Mid-City group bar crawl, but on bikes, during the day. That’s not all.

All participating bars (Finn McCool’s, Mid City Yacht Club, Mick’s, Pal’s, TREO)  will offer discounted drinks, and three will provide complimentary food to Spoker Poker riders. But there’s more.

At each bar stop along the way, you draw a playing card, and that card is noted for you by some Spoker Poker official. All the cards you’ve chosen at each bar will become your “hand” in a unique poker game. The “player” with the winning “hand” in this game of poker will win 10 percent of the pot. (So, not only do you get to ride to some of your favorite bars and eat free food and drink discounted draaanks with dope AF people, but you also are burning cals and could even win some moolah. Amazing. Right?! How are you even just now hearing about this?) Still, there’s more.

The main purpose of the Rotary Club of Mid-City’s Spoker Poker is a fundraiser. Each participant’s $30 donation makes up the pot, and 90 percent of it benefits the Family Justice Center and Sexual Trauma Awareness Response, which helps survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault.

The club’s goal this year is to raise enough money to cover and assemble 250 survivor packs. “Each pack includes a T-shirt, sweatpants, undergarments, shampoo, conditioner, soap, toothbrush, and toothpaste for individuals who had to leave their homes in a hurry or who may have had their clothing collected as evidence and would have to leave the hospital wearing a paper gown or scrubs. The survivor packs provide some comfort to the victims during a traumatic time,” according to the club’s website.


The route and schedule for the 2018 Spoker Poker event:

12:30-1:30 p.m.: Meet at Finn McCool’s for registration. Drink special and free food.
1:45-2:45 p.m.: Mid City Yacht Club. Drink special available.
2:50-3:45 p.m.: Mick’s. Drink special available.
4-5 p.m.: Pal’s. Drink special and free food.
5:15-6 p.m.: Treo. Drink special and free food.

Finn McCool's Irish Pub
Getting there
3701 Banks St, New Orleans, LA 70119, USA
Mon-Fri 12 PM – 1 AM
Sat-Sun 10 AM – 1 AM
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Kiri Walton

Kiri Walton

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