Conner Clyde Rolls into TikTok Stardom as Mr. Heel Ya Girl

With over 120,000 followers on TikTok, @MrHeelyagirl is capturing the quirky, nostalgic vibes in his Heelys all around Pittsburgh.

by Amanda Reed | October 8, 2020

If you can skate, congratulations, you can also Heely, according to Conner Clyde, the local face behind the @mrheelyagirl account on TikTok.

@mrheelyagirlIf this isn’t the definition of for the boys then I don’t know what is… ##fortheboys ##StreetFashion ##heelys ##jorts♬ Let’s Hear It for the Boy (From “Footloose” Soundtrack) – Deniece Williams

“There’s maybe a small learning curve, but there’s no secret trick to it,” he says. “If you go watch some of my earlier videos, you can even see that I’ve gotten better as time has gone on.”

Seventy-five videos and more than 120,000 followers on TikTok later, Clyde is taking over the platform, one Heely trick at a time.

Clyde first posted to TikTok in May 2020 after looking for something to do in quarantine, armed with previous Heely experience from middle school and a fresh pair he bought after sitting on the purchase for three months.

“I really purchased them before any TikTok idea was even in my head,” he says. “I just purchased them because I wanted to Heely around. That was kind of the point.”

At first, he only made TikToks for his friends and family. However, soon users on TikTok caught on to Clyde’s energy, use of catchy tunes and Heely tricks.

“I’ve kind of always had a passion to make people laugh and joke around and TikTok gives an avenue to kind of express yourself in that sense,” he says.

Although rollerskating takes over the platform, Clyde believes Heelys have more of a quirky, nostalgic appeal.

“They’re fun. They’re a blast,” he says. “They’re, in my opinion, a novelty.”

Just a “hot dude, doing hot things”

Clyde hasn’t gone full social media influencer — although he has collaborated with IC Light and Steel City shirts, he still works at his corporate job — but sees it as a possibility in the future.

@mrheelyagirlCelebrating a Steelers win by making my way down to Steel City. Best Yinzers gear in the world use code”Mrheely15”for 15% off Merch! ##Steelcity ##Drip♬ original sound – Cody V.

“I have no idea where it’s going to go, but I can tell you, we’re having a blast doing it, and we’ll do it as long as people will watch,” he said. “if it does turn into a full-time thing, I’m all about it.”

According to Clyde, what you see is what you get from Mr. Heel Ya Girl on TikTok: He’s just a “hot dude doing hot things.”

“That’s not much of a character,” he says. “That’s just who I am with Heelys. It’s just an extension of me.”

Other Pittsburgh TikTok trends to check out

You can hear “Buttercup” by Jack Stauber, a local musician, producer and animator, all over the platform, first popularized by this TikTok featuring a ferret dancing to a remix of the song. Find the bop in full on Spotify.

Check out #pittsburghcheck to see skyline flexes.

Oh, and nothing to see here – just a photoshoot while driving through the Fort Pitt Tunnel.

@kmssss44We drove through the tunnel 5 times don’t let this flop!! ##fyp ##photograhy ##photoshoot ##pittsburgh ##finalsathome ##tiktokrestarea ##photographyeveryday♬ The Spins – Mac Miller

Of course, JuJu Smith-Schuster absolutely nails TikTok dances.

@juju🤣 I practiced my tik tok dance before my touchdown celebration! Thanks boys @imjoeyreed @tosha__ptp ##fyp litty♬ original sound – JuJu Smith-Schuster

Amanda Reed

Amanda Reed

Amanda Reed is a Pittsburgh-based journalist who mostly makes dumb jokes on Twitter @reedkat_ . Her work has appeared in Pittsburgh Magazine, Pittsburgh City Paper, the Riveter Magazine, Martha Stewart Weddings and the Pittsburgh Current. She proudly owns multiple faux fur coats and really loves opossums.

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