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Newsletter: We’re listening & some people you should know

As members of the Pittsburgh community, we’re purposefully adjusting this week’s newsletter. Here’s why.

by Lindsay Patross | June 5, 2020

Very Local’s weekly newsletter is focused on guiding our readers toward fun places to eat or drink and celebrating the local businesses and organizations that make Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh.

These past several days have been heavy on us in Pittsburgh and across the country. Following the horrific killing of George Floyd, protests have mobilized and thrust more serious conversations into our daily routines. It’s clear that these urgent issues and causes are different from Very Local’s day-to-day content.

For this week’s newsletter, we want to share information that fits with what is inevitably on the mind of our community. We are including links to information to help elevate black voices and support Pittsburgh’s black-owned businesses.

What we do here at Very Local is tell stories of people in our community, highlight local businesses and celebrate what the Steel City has to offer. We will continue this approach to sharing Pittsburgh stories, which also include our communities of color.

We welcome your feedback as we continue reading the room and adjust accordingly. Are there communities you’re part of that we can help spotlight? Drop us a note and help steer this ongoing conversation.

READ: Black Pittsburgh Authors
The Pittsburgh City Paper has put together a list of local black authors, many who have recently published books.

SHOP: Black-owned businesses
Black business consultancy Cocoapreneur has a robust, highly engaged social presence that directly connects folks with black-owned businesses and entrepreneurs in greater Pittsburgh. The Cocoapreneur website also has a list of black-owned businesses in Pittsburgh.

NEWS: The New Pittsburgh Courier
If you’re not already, give these guys a follow. Since 1907, the New Pittsburgh Courier has been Pittsburgh’s leading black newspaper; their team is among several media organizations reporting on the protests surrounding the killing of George Floyd.

EAT: Black-owned restaurants and small businesses
The good folks at Good Food PGH compiled a fantastic guide to black-owned businesses and restaurants you can support in Pittsburgh. It is arranged alphabetically and includes several of our local favorites.

MAP: Black-owned restaurants
Thinking about grabbing some takeout this weekend? This interactive map can help guide you directly to the black-owned restaurants in Pittsburgh. Perfect for the folks who prefer a visual.


More Very Local Stories:

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The 2020 iteration of Fresh Fest, the nation’s first and only beer festival focused on celebrating people of color in the beer industry, will be digital.

FROM UNDER THE SEA TO PPE: How a Pittsburgh organization is stepping up to help
Learn more about how a grant from Pittsburgh is helping to turn snorkel masks into reusable face masks for health care workers.

Lindsay Patross

Lindsay Patross

Pittsburgh born and raised, Lindsay has been writing about the people who love Pittsburgh since 2008.

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