Newsletter: Mothers, daughters and a wedding dress from 1937

Also, we catch up with artist Paul Roden to learn more about his work designing can art for Cinderlands Beer Co. 

by Lindsay Patross | May 8, 2020

Sunday is Mother’s Day, a gentle reminder from the Very Local team to call/email/text your mom on Sunday. This week, we have a story about a new book on motherhood and a story about how a chance meeting reunited a New Kensington woman with her mother’s wedding dress from 1937. If you are missing your happy hour friends, you can join the Pittsburgh Fine Drinking society for one of their weekly happy hours.

MOTHERHOOD: A serious, intellectual take on the women’s experience
Pittsburgh author Sarah Menkedick, whose work can be found in The New York Times and Washington Post, has a new book on motherhood. We chat with Sarah about her journey to Pittsburgh and motherhood.

CHEERS TO THE ARTIST: Paul Roden collaborates with Cinderlands
We chatted with Paul Roden — the man behind the cans at Cinderlands Beer Co. Roden’s stunning visuals and artwork adorn the brewery’s two Pittsburgh locations AND many of the carry-out cans we’re enjoying right now.

A WEEKLY TRADITION: Lou Kroeck and the Pittsburgh Happy Hour
Since 2011, the Pittsburgh Fine Drinking Society has met every Thursday for happy hour. They are still meeting for happy hour every Thursday — virtually, of course. Even if you aren’t a fan of happy hour, we think you will like hearing about how Lou Kroeck loves Pittsburgh.

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HEARTWARMING SURPRISE: Reuniting with her mother’s wedding dress
After stumbling upon a box in a New Kensington attic, Rich Condon reunited a fragile wedding dress from 1937 with the bride’s living daughter. An incredible story of chance encounters and emotional reunions.


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Lindsay Patross

Lindsay Patross

Pittsburgh born and raised, Lindsay has been writing about the people who love Pittsburgh since 2008.

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