Memorial Day 2020

Newsletter: Pretzels + Jell-O? Yes, it tastes better than it sounds.

Podcast episodes and beer recommendations to help you kick -off the start of summer.

by Lindsay Patross | May 22, 2020

Hello, summer. Sure, this Memorial Day weekend will be a little different than years past, but it is still a holiday weekend.  Is there a question you have about Pittsburgh? Something you would like to hear about on our podcast? Send us a note at hell[email protected] or just reply to this email. We’d love to hear from you.

VIDEO: Is it a salad or a dessert?
We take a look at strawberry pretzel salad. How it is made, the history of Jell-O and why Pittsburghers think it is delicious.

LISTEN UP: Memorial Day Playlist
Hitting the road? Doing some yard work? We’ve picked out some episodes of our podcast to help you explore the city (and the woods) this summer.

WHATCHA DRINKIN? Pittsburgh’s beer drinkers chime in
We asked a bunch of local beer enthusiasts about what they’ve been enjoying during quarantine. Check out their top picks and recommendations.

CIRCUS ACT: The Pittsburgh Circus Arts Collaborative
This week on our podcast, we’re talking with Zero and Joker – two members of the Pittsburgh Circus Arts Collaborative. Zero, a professional juggler, and Joker, a fire eater, are two parts of a vibrant, collaborative group that has shifted some of how they perform to accommodate for quarantine.

BAGEL UPDATE: We revised our guide to finding local bagels
From the recommendations of our readers – like you! – we published an update to our bagel guide. Read about all the (new) spots that are offering fresh-baked bagels right here in Pittsburgh. Then, let us know – do you have a favorite?

That’s my number: 1-4-3
May 22nd is 1-4-3 Day in Pennsylvania. This was a special number to one Pittsburgh neighbor. Learn more about why this number gets its own day.


Small Business Shoutout:

  • 🚛 Doing some spring cleaning? Not sure where to donate all of the things you’ve Marie Kondo-ed from your home? Hire Vintage Hauling & Junk Removal to come pick up your unwanted goods. Call or message 724-331-0998 or visit to schedule a free consultation! [Sponsored listing]
  • 🎲 Are you bored with your board games? Drawbridge Games is a tabletop game store with a focus on miniatures and the wargaming hobby. It is a modern interpretation of the old school toy soldier shop, that wouldn’t feel out of place in Europe. They also carry a selection of games for the entire family. Limited delivery and curbside pick up are available.
  • 🚲 Need a bike? Golden Triangle Bike Rental isn’t quite open for rentals yet (keep an eye on their Facebook page for updates). But they are selling used bikes. If you are looking to pick up a bike for the summer, check out their website.
  • 🌊 Looking for adventure? Wilderness Voyageurs in Ohiopyle reopened last weekend for white water rafting trips. They have some new protocols, but they’ll take you through the rapids.

Know of a small business that needs a shoutout? Let us know here.

Lindsay Patross

Lindsay Patross

Pittsburgh born and raised, Lindsay has been writing about the people who love Pittsburgh since 2008.

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Download the Very Local app to stream all of the Very Local original series for FREE!