Guide to non-alcoholic drinks at Pittsburgh Breweries

You can support local breweries during Dry January by getting gift cards, food for takeout or even craft soda. Here’s an updated look at the local options.

by Aadam Soorma
January 5, 2021

ABV is our weekly series that highlights a different beer from a local Pittsburgh brewery every week. Check out our past picks here

Editor’s Note: we’ve updated this story (Jan 2021) to include more local, non-alcoholic options, however many local breweries may be operating with limited offerings due to COVID-related limitations and regulations. We recommend calling ahead or checking online before heading to your local brewery.

While we love beer, we also have friends who don’t drink alcohol for many reasons. So we thought it would be helpful to put together a list of non-alcoholic options available at local breweries.

If you or someone you know is undertaking Dry January – a booze-free first month of 2020 – point them here.

Did we leave out your favorite spot? Drop us a note with your (non-alcoholic) picks and we’ll add them in. Cheers!

Servers running food to guests at Mindful Brewing. Photo: Pat Hogan

ABV, volume XLIX

East End Brewing // Larimer

Non-Alcoholic Options: East End offers their delicious, house-made Barmy Soda. We highly recommend both the ginger ale flavor AND the root beer flavor. In addition to the soda, you can get Commonplace Coffee cold brew on nitro. They keep the cold brew on a dedicated tap line (right next to the beers) and it’s amazing.

Food Options: Although Larder has closed, East End does offer a selection of creative takes on pizza.

Spring Hill Brewing // Northside

Non-Alcoholic Options: TeaBoy (lightly carbonated decaf flavored tea on tap), Topo Chico mineral water, bottled Sprite and Coca Cola

Food Options: Food trucks from time to time. Asado Wagon (the Gaucho Parilla food truck) resides at the same address as Spring Hill and they serve up the Argentinian goods every now and then.

Burgh’ers Brewing // Lawrenceville

Non-Alcoholic Options: Burgh’ers does milkshakes (made using local ice cream). They also have an awesome selection of Red Ribbon soda AND Joes Tea. They also carry Coke products along with sparkling water. Plenty of non-booze options here.

Food Options: Most definitely, yes. You can enjoy a fresh, handcrafted, ethically-sourced beef burger from their kitchen. These guys have fantastic hours of operation and were open seven days a week pre-COVID. 

Brew Gentlemen // Braddock

Non-Alcoholic Options: Brew Gentlemen’s taproom is currently closed until further notice. Pre-COVID, they served cold brew coffee from Caffe D’Amore in Upper Lawrenceville. Fun Fact: the Caffe D’Amore team sources all their beans from impact-driven Deeper Roots (Cincinnati, OH). Coincidentally, all of Brew Gentlemen’s beers that are brewed using coffee (Deep Breakfast, Mexican Coffee, DoubleMex) use beans from Deeper Roots as well.

Other non-alcoholic options at Brew Gentlemen include Cherikee Red cherry soda, and San Pellegrino blood orange sparkling water.

Per Alaina Webber at Brew Gentlemen: “We also give away juice boxes for free to kids who ask for them at the bar. It’s always fun to see a kiddo be able to order a drink alongside their parents.”

Love that 🙂

Food Options: Regular, rotating selection of food trucks. Updates posted to their website weekly.

BrewDog // East Liberty

Non-Alcoholic Options: soda, ice lollies and sundaes

Food Options: Yep, full service kitchen.

Altered Genius // Ambridge

Non-Alcoholic Options: Several including soda water, black cherry soda, root beer, cream soda, apple juice, pink lemonade, lemon iced tea and water.

Food Options: Yep, full service kitchen.

Voodoo Brewery // Homestead

Non-Alcoholic Options: Several including soda water, black cherry soda, root beer, cream soda, apple juice, pink lemonade, lemon iced tea and water.

Food Options: Yep, full service kitchen.

Hitchhiker Brewing // Mt Lebanon, Sharpsburg

Non-Alcoholic Options: Cold brew coffee (Sharpsburg) and bottled soda options (Mt Lebo).

Food Options: Pre-COVID, there was a regular, rotating selection of food trucks. Updates posted to their website weekly.

Roundabout Brewery // Lawrenceville

Non-Alcoholic Options: Per Dyana Sloan at Roundabout: “We offer cans of San Pellegrino sparkling Lemon and sparkling Orange beverages and filtered water.” Another fun (non-alcoholic) option at Roundabout is their water keg on CO2 (basically sparkling water). The glass and growler rinse is somewhat carbonated and Roundabout is happy to serve it to folks who kindly ask 🙂

Food Options: Pre-COVID, there was a regular, rotating selection of food trucks along with some small in-house snacks.

A look inside the Roundabout Brewery taproom. Photo: Julie Kahlbaugh

Cinderlands Beer Co // Strip District, Lawrenceville

Non-Alcoholic Options: Per the Cinderlands menu, a full selection of soda products: mexican coke / diet coke / sprite / seltzer / tonic / honest iced green tea / honest iced black tea / jamaica’s finest ginger beer / grape soda.

Food Options: Yes, on-site made-from-scratch kitchen at both locations. Lawrenceville location currently not in operation due to COVID.

War Streets Brewery // Mexican War Streets

Non-Alcoholic Options: War Streets Brewery is also home to Bier’s Pub (they share the same building and same address). You can get yourself coffee or soda from the restaurant side of the establishment.

Food Options: Yes, on-site restaurant (Bier’s Pub)

Couch Brewery // Larimer – Highland Park

Non-Alcoholic Options: Full selection of soda products.

Food Options: Food trucks from time to time along with some small, in-house snacks.

Hop Farm Brewing // Lawrenceville

Non-Alcoholic Options: A full slate of Red Ribbon soda flavors: Vanilla Cream, Cherry, Ginger Beer, Peach Ginger Beer, Root Beer, Cola and Grape.

Food Options: Yes, on-site kitchen operated by Provision PGH.

Strange Roots Brewing // Millvale

Non-Alcoholic Options: A full selection of Red Ribbon soda products.

Food Options: Yes, their in-house kitchen is great. Highly recommend the stoner tacos and the PB&J grilled cheese.

Inner Groove Brewing // Verona

Non-Alcoholic Options: Inner Groove “almost always has root beer and sometimes you can find cream soda and orange soda too.”

Food Options: Rotating selection of food trucks.

Spoonwood Brewing // Castle Shannon

Non-Alcoholic Options: Full selection of soda products

Food Options: Yes, full in-house kitchen with everything from burgers to wood-fired pizzas. The space is exceptionally family-friendly and there is a cute outdoor patio space in the rear too.

Mindful Brewing // Castle Shannon

Non-Alcoholic Options: A full selection of soda products.

Food Options: Yes, you can always order from the in-house kitchen.

Abjuration Brewing // McKees Rocks

Non-Alcoholic Options: Abjuration plans to roll out sparkling water in the future. As of right now, it’s gonna be just beer here. That being said, if you are at Abjuration’s taproom and the adjacent bar is open (inside Parkway Theatre) you can certainly get a water or soda from that side.

Food Options: Food trucks from time to time. You can always order-in or BYOF.

11th Hour Brewing // Lawrenceville

Non-Alcoholic Options: Eleventh Hour can get you set up with a nice slew of non-alcoholic options. They’ve got water, Seltzer Water, Johnnie Ryan Craft Soda and Red Ribbon Craft Soda. Additionally, their food truck partners usually sell a mix bag of Coke and Pepsi products as well.

Food Options: Regular, rotating selection of food trucks. Updates posted to their website and social media weekly.

Grist House // Millvale

Non-Alcoholic Options: Although they aren’t open for on-site service at the moment, pre-COVID Grist House had a couple of non-booze options in Millvale, including cans of pop and iced tea. If Grist House does not have what you’re looking for, you are more than welcome to bring your own beverages, as long as they are non-alcoholic.

Food Options: Pre-COVID there was a regular, rotating selection of food trucks. Updates posted to their website and social media weekly. 

Allegheny City Brewing // Northside

Non-Alcoholic Options: Allegheny City carries coke, ginger ale, sprite and lemonade. Unrelated to drinks, but ACB also has a super rad partnership with Middleswarth Potato Chips (Middleburg, PA). Love those chips.

Food Options: Regular, rotating selection of food trucks. Updates posted to their website and social media weekly.

Southern Tier Brewing // Northside

Non-Alcoholic Options: Soda

Food Options: Full, on-site kitchen (with game-day specials) that runs food seven days a week.

Mastic Trail Brewing // Glenshaw

Food Options: Full, on-site kitchen specializing in Caribbean fare (jerk chicken, oxtail, etc) 

Header Image (East End Brewing in Larimer) courtesy of Ian Jones.

In 2012, Aadam moved to Pittsburgh. He's currently parked (sans chair) in Lawrenceville and plans to stay a while. On the weekends, you'll find him driving a small green bus (Porter Tours) as he leads tours at local breweries. Got a fun story idea? DMs are open: @asoorma.

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