The Very Local Guide to Open Streets PGH – June 30th Route

Here’s what to see and where you can expect to stop along the Open Streets route [Downtown – Strip District – Lawrenceville] on Sunday.

by Emma Diehl | June 27, 2019

Ready to hit the road? It’s time for Open Streets PGH, June edition.

This time, a 4-mile stretch of Penn Ave. and Butler Street between Lawrenceville, the Strip District and Downtown will be closed to traffic on Sunday, June 30. Hosted by BikePGH, Open Streets PGH is a community event that shuts down streets in the area from car traffic so visitors can get out, exercise and explore the areas by foot. And 2019 is the event’s most ambitious year to date, with three Open Streets dates this summer across the city featuring different neighborhoods each month.

Last month, Open Streets was in the East End. Next month, we’ll see the event take over Downtown, Uptown and the South Side.


What is Open Streets PGH? 

Open Streets is a free community event that temporarily closes streets to car traffic and allows residents to bike, walk, run, skate or stroll through a neighborhood along the route. The open streets movement has been taking hold in other cities around the globe. The Paris Respire, which translates to Paris Breathes, closes certain roads to traffic on Sundays from 9 am to 5 pm. Cyclovia Tuscon takes place twice a year and has quite a following. The first Open Streets Pittsburgh was held in 2014.


Open Streets – Route Guide for Lawrenceville, the Strip District and Downtown 

From 9 am to 1 pm on Sunday, June 30, you can enjoy a 4-mile stretch by foot or wheel between Penn Ave. and Butler St. Read on for a block-by-block guide to can’t-miss Open Streets spots and events.

Shop & Play – 52nd St. at Butler St.

Instructors from the YMCA of Greater Pittsburgh will be teaching classes at this hub all day, including Hip Hop Dance, Kickboxing and Insanity. When you’re done breaking a sweat, break open your wallet and check out Small Mall’s pop-up art shop and collaborations by local artists hosted by The Gallery on Penn.


Hippie & French – 5122 Butler St. 

If you’ve got your four-legged friend in tow, you might want to stop by Upper Lawrenceville’s holistic boutique, Hippie & French. The shop is hosting a pet psychic and offering CBD facials on top of its sidewalk sale. 

Thriftique – 125 51st St. 

Looking for some more retail therapy? Thriftique, a nonprofit enterprise of the National Council of Jewish Women, is hosting a $2 clothing sidewalk sale. 

Allegheny Cemetery – 4734 Butler St.

If you want to take a detour from the main drag of Open Streets, consider a walk (or ride or jog) through Allegheny Cemetery. Dating back to 1845, the cemetery is over 300 acres with 15 miles of roadway. With historic architecture and trails, this city green space might be the perfect place to take a break from Open Streets and explore the city’s history. 


X-treme Pogo – Plummer St. at Butler St.

Yes, extreme pogo sticking is a thing, and you can learn about it from some of the best on Sunday. Hop on a pogo stick, and try your hand at some tricks–or at least jump up and down without falling off.



Strip District

Cinderlands – 3705 Butler St.

We at Very Local enjoy Pittsburgh’s craft beer scene and have covered Cinderlands’ expansion into the Strip District. If you’re looking for somewhere to sip and savor the sights of Open Streets, check out the brewery’s original location on Butler.


Doughboy Square Statue – Butler St. and Penn Ave.

For some, the idea of a doughboy might inspire thoughts of an anthropomorphic piece of dough who laughs when you tickle him. This is not to whom we’re referring to. The Doughboy Statue at the intersection of Butler and Penn honors those who served in WWI. For many, the iconic Doughboy Statue stands as a symbol of Lawrenceville and the neighborhood.

Clemente Museum – 3339 Penn Ave.

Typically open by appointment only, the Clemente Museum is opening up its first floor to any visitors during Open Streets. The Clemente Museum showcases the largest collection of baseball artifacts related to Roberto Clemente. While you’re there, check out the new mural of Clemente around the side of the building.


Pittsburgh Ballet Theater – 29th St. at Penn Ave.

If you’d like to bring a little grace to your walk, try one of the ballet classes the Pittsburgh Ballet Theater will be offering during Open Streets. They’ll also have crafts and display some costumes from previous performances. 



Free Ride Bike Fix it Station – 17th St. at Penn Ave.

If you run into any technical difficulties on your bike Sunday, take note of the location of Free Ride’s bike-fixing station.

Unicycle and Balance Bike Classes – Penn Ave. between 10th and 11th Streets

Looking for a completely new way to get around Open Streets? Try unicycling with Thick Bikes, which will offer classes and tutorials during the event. 

Love, Pittsburgh pop-up – Maddock Place and Penn Ave.

Popular vendor of all things of the city, Love, Pittsburgh is hosting a pop-up right along the route. You don’t even need to stray from Open Streets to find your new favorite “Yinz”-themed keepsakes. 


Magnolias for Pittsburgh – 7th Ave. and Penn Ave.

When whizzing by in a car, you might not notice anything unique about this quiet courtyard with a few trees on Penn Ave. Take a closer look, and you’ll discover two hand-painted bronze magnolia trees with over 800 individually painted petals. These works of art have been “blooming” year-round since 2006.  

Market Square Hub – Market Square

Open Streets’ Hub in Market Square is offering yoga and Zumba classes hosted by YMCA Pittsburgh. 



Ready to take to the streets? We’ll see you Sunday (join us for the bike-powered Very Local Game Show)!

Come play the Very Local Game Show, a bike-powered trivia game show that can be found along the Open Streets route.





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