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Support Pittsburgh artists // Where to buy local art online

Local art is needed now more than ever. Here are five online spaces where you can purchase artwork from Pittsburgh-based artists.

by Jessa Gibboney | June 4, 2020

Local art is needed more than ever. Here are five online spaces where you can purchase artwork from local artists.

Art is healing. It is a love language translating current cultural climates and voicing future hopes. It provokes us, it sustains us, it enhances our personal spaces. Art is dynamic and forever moving in Pittsburgh, even when physical connection and contact is restrained.

The Pittsburgh Cultural Trust completed the first-ever virtual Dollar Bank Three Rivers Arts Festival, and in the collective spirit of supporting our art scene, below are seven additional online spaces to purchase art from local talent.

TWELVE\TWENTY Studio, Atiya Jones

pictured: “sungazer” – print for sale here

The intricate art and vision of Atiya Jones is mesmerizing. After experiencing her artwork, you will not soon forget it. Her art is featured throughout Pittsburgh including a mural at Brick Shop, chalkboard graphics in every single room at TRYP Pittsburgh | Lawrenceville hotel and, my personal favorite, Knotzland’s storefront window.

Original drawings and prints from Jones are available for purchase directly from her website.


Jerome “Chu” Charles

pictured from left to right, “Flames of Courage,” “Winds of Change,” “Tides of Change” – for sale here

Jerome “Chu” Charles artistry is bound by no medium. Charles’ illustrations, paintings and murals have an unlimited vitality to them. For his most recent work from the exhibition, “Still Good,” which was held at Casey Droege Cultural Productions (CDCP), check out Charles’ website. His online shop boasts more than 20 pieces of art for sale.



Meshwork Press x Wilkinsburg Youth Project

pictured: youth artist, Jordan “Jordy” Davis

Pittsburgh loves a good collaboration. The partnership of Wilkinsburg Youth Project, a work readiness training program for ages 14 through 18, and Meshwork Press, a community-focused print shop in Wilkinsburg run by Halyee Ebersole and Kyrie Bushaw, is a beautiful showcase of the power of art. And, you can own that art.

Meshwork Press sells screen prints from emerging artists within the Wilkinsburg Youth Project. All the proceeds go to the partnership and future Meshwork Press educational programs.

Purchase Prints Here
Wilkinsburg Youth Project Instagram
Meshwork Press Instagram

Jack G. Taylor

“Rhododendron” – oil and acrylic on canvas

Jack G. Taylor received a B.S. in Fine Arts from Carnegie Mellon University and now continues to grace Pittsburgh with his talent. His Instagram is a running gallery of vibrant paintings.

Taylor’s art “deals with the gentle decay of landscapes and objects.” Taylor continues on his website, “I explore how family, home, and relationships inform this space and often rely on a variety or mark making and color palettes to articulate what I see. With this place comes notions of American idealism, and the beauty of nature decaying in ways both natural and unnatural.”

Direct message Taylor on Instagram to purchase.

Pullproof Studio

pictured “Challah” by Anna Shepperson – for sale here

We highlighted Pullproof Studio, a shared silkscreen printing studio in Garfield, when profiling artists for the Pittsburgh Zine Fair. Lucky for Pittsburgh, art from the Pullproof Studio members can be purchased outside of local artisan markets. Their online shop recently launched and offers silkscreen prints inspired by a variety of topics from Pittsburgh neighborhoods to kitsch to food.

Shop Pullproof Studio

Art flourishes in Pittsburgh. This list is not absolute.
Where online do you purchase local art?

Header Photo // Local artwork by Jacki Fitzpatrick. Connect directly with Jacki via email ([email protected]). Photo by Ryan Neeven.

Jessa Gibboney

Jessa Gibboney

Jessa is a writer and poet, but above all, a storyteller.

Her blog houses poetry and essays on sustainable style, freelance and motherhood.

Through her writing endeavors, she has worked with local and global brands such as Carnegie Museum of Art, TRYP Pittsburgh | Lawrenceville, Pittsburgh Opera, Cartier, Earth Brands and George Dickel Tennessee Whisky.

Jessa lives in Pittsburgh with her husband, Ben, daughter, Louise and their pup, Opal. She wears the same rings every day, believes anything secondhand has a good story to tell and likes her whiskey straight up.

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