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Update: Pittsburgh Breweries Offering Beer Delivery

We updated our local beer delivery guide to include a couple more breweries who are now offering to bring their beer straight to your doorstep.

by Aadam Soorma | December 1, 2020

ABV is our weekly series that highlights a different beer from a local Pittsburgh brewery every week. Check out our past picks here.

Updated Dec 1, 2020: With the recent surge in COVID-19 cases around Allegheny County, we know folks are taking the pandemic more seriously and opting to stay home. With that in mind, we thought it would be both timely and responsible to update our “local breweries who offer beer delivery” guide.

Beer friends! Many of you have reached out asking about delivery options from local breweries.

Well, we listened and decided to round up what’s available and from whom – specifically as it relates to beer delivery.

So, whether you’re preparing for a Zoom happy hour, or just having a beer with friends over FaceTime – here’s a look at how to get (local) beer delivered right to your doorstep.


ABV, volume LXIII

A couple of things to bear in mind as you place an order for (beer) delivery.

  • Be Patient: Many breweries are rolling out delivery for the first time and processes are being optimized / smoothed out with practice.
  • Check for Updates: Things change – sometimes daily. From beer inventory to delivery areas and statewide regulations – breweries have been posting updates on their respective Facebook and Instagram pages.

Pro Tip: Our friends at the Pittsburgh Brewers Guild are posting weekly updates from local breweries. They’ve built this page on their website dedicated to both curbside takeout AND delivery options from local breweries who are members of the guild.

Additionally, the Pittsburgh Brewers Guild Facebook page is a great resource for updates and local beer news.


Eleventh Hour Brewing // Lawrenceville

Eleventh Hour Facebook Page

In addition to curbside pickup, Eleventh Hour Brewing offers next-day delivery.

What is Available for Delivery: Cans, Crowlers, Growlers, Mixed 4-packs.

How to Order: Online only, no phone orders.

  • Delivery Area: 15+ miles from Lawrenceville
  • Delivery Fee: Varies by distance. $25 fee for orders over 15 miles from the brewery
  • Minimum Order: $20 minimum order for free delivery in a 5-mile radius. $80 minimum order for free delivery within 5 to 15 miles of the brewery.

Leaning Cask Brewing // Springdale

Leaning Cask Facebook Page

At this moment, Leaning Cask is offering curbside pickup and limited dine-in, per COVID-related protocols. They may be bringing back their Saturday home delivery service, depending on where things go over the next few weeks.

Leaning Cask’s home delivery offers beer delivery to within 12 miles of their brewery and taproom space in Springdale. Deliveries go out the door on Saturdays and you have til Friday night to get those orders locked in. Delivery fee is $5; orders above $80 do not have a delivery fee.

What is Available for Delivery: Cans (sold in 4-packs or by the case) and Growlers

How to Order: Online (once the home delivery option is reinstated)

  • Delivery Area: Within a 12-mile radius of the brewery in Springdale
  • Minimum Order: $30 

Strange Roots Experimental Ales // Millvale and Gibsonia

Strange Roots Facebook Page

Strange Roots actually has three ways to get you their beer right now. One is conventional curbside pickup – which is available at both of their locations. This includes all bottles, cans and merch.

The other two methods involve home delivery. You can browse their online bottle shop (‘PA Statewide Shipping‘ tab on their website) and this is where you’ll find all the details on getting their bottled beer delivered to your doorstep (must be a Pennsylvania resident). Finally, Pittsburgh-area residents can opt for Local Delivery and get bottles or cans delivered to addresses in the following zip codes: 15139, 15147, 15201, 15206, 15208, 15209, 15212, 15213, 15214, 15215, 15217, 15219, 15221, 15222, 15223, 15224, 15232, 15238. Local orders under $50 carry a $7.99 delivery fee. Local orders greater than $50 carry a $4.99 delivery fee. Orders go out for delivery on Fridays (so get those orders placed by end of day Thursday).

What is Available for Delivery: Bottles and Merch (PA Statewide) // Bottles, Cans and Merch (Pittsburgh)

How to Order: Head to Strange Roots’ online bottle shop to browse pricing and availability.

  • Delivery Area: For PA Statewide shipping, you can be anywhere in Pennsylvania (must be a PA resident and over age 21). For Pittsburgh-area local delivery, see above for eligible zip codes.
  • Delivery Fee: Varies by order quantity and location. See above.
  • Minimum Order: None

Aurochs Brewing // Emsworth

Aurochs Brewing Facebook Page

Aurochs is now offering beer delivery from their production space in Emsworth – they are able to ship throughout Pennsylvania and to Washington DC. Aurochs is one of only a handful of breweries in the United States that is entirely gluten-free.

What is Available for Delivery: Cans (sold in both 12-packs or 24-packs)

How to Order: Online.

  • Delivery Area: All throughout Pennsylvania and to Washington DC.
  • Minimum Order: 12-pack (half-case) or 24-pack (full case) of beer

Cinderlands Beer Co. // Strip District

Cinderlands Beer Co. Facebook Page

Cinderlands is offering beer (and food) delivery from their Warehouse location in the Strip District. You can learn more about our recommendation – Cinderlands’ house pale ale (Squish) – which is served year-round.

What is Available for Delivery: Cans, Crowlers, Bottles (Foeder beers), Food, Glassware and Merch.

How to Order: Online.

  • Delivery Area: Cinderlands offers same-day delivery for Mt. Washington, Southside, Downtown and East End Neighborhoods. Outside of those areas, there is a weekly delivery option.
  • Minimum Order: No minimum for same day. $40 minimum order for outside of the same-day delivery area.

East End Brewing // Larimer

East End Brewing Facebook Page

East End Brewing makes delivery runs every Saturday.

What is available for delivery: Cans, Bottles, Crowlers, Barmy Soda (root beer, ginger ale, seltzer), Gratitude Barleywine, Cider.

How to Order: Online.

  • Delivery Area: Locations within 15 minutes of the brewery. List of eligible ZIP codes here.

Grist House // Millvale

Grist House Facebook Page

Grist House is offering curbside take out and delivery from their Millvale location. They are offering curbside take out only from their Collier location.

What is Available for Delivery: Cans and Growlers.

How to Order: Call or text Grist House (412.212.3179) or email [email protected] between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. 

  • Delivery Area: Locations within 5 miles from the Millvale location.
  • Delivery Fee: $10 delivery fee. Call to discuss special deliveries in Allegheny County. 
  • Minimum Order: Two 4-pack minimum for delivery.

Lincoln Ave Brewery // Bellevue

Lincoln Ave Brewery Facebook Page 

Lincoln Avenue Brewery is offering beer (and food) delivery to neighborhoods near Bellevue. Deliveries occur Tuesday through Sunday (4 p.m. to 8 p.m.).

[ICYMI check out our complete walkthrough of Lincoln Ave Brewery and listen to Ep. 20 of our podcast to learn more about Bellevue.]

What is Available for Delivery: Growlers, Food and Tee shirts.

How to Order: Online.

  • Delivery Area: Bellevue, Avalon, Emsworth, West View, Ben Avon and Brighton Heights.
  • Delivery Fee: No delivery fee.
  • Minimum Order: No order minimum.


Insurrection Ale Works // Heidelberg

Insurrection Ale Works Facebook Page

Insurrection Ale Works is offering local delivery every Wednesday through Saturday and a special ‘extended delivery area’ specifically on Saturdays.

[Insurrection is one of the breweries recommended by Lauren Hughes, assistant head brewer at Penn Brewery in Episode 6 of our podcast.]

What is Available for Delivery: Cans and Crowlers.

How to Order: Online

Hop Farm Brewing // Upper Lawrenceville

Hop Farm Brewing Facebook Page 

Hop Farm Brewing offers delivery to locations around Allegheny County. The brewery has a weekly delivery schedule, which includes certain neighborhoods on certain days of the week. Delivery fees are tiered based on proximity and order amount.

What is Available for Delivery: Cans and Growlers.

How to Order: Complete ordering instructions are here.

  • Delivery Area: Allegheny County
  • Delivery Fee: Orders over $50 carry no delivery fee. Orders less than $50 will carry a $5 fee. If you are within two miles of the brewery, that delivery fee drops to $3.

Minimum Order: None.

Voodoo Brewery // Homestead

Voodoo Brewery Homestead Facebook Page

Voodoo is offering delivery to select ZIP codes. Orders must be placed online by the cut-off time (2pm on Saturday). Beer deliveries are made every Sunday from 10am to 6pm.

What is Available for Delivery: Beer and Merch.

How to Order: Online through Biermi.

  • Delivery Fee: $15
  • Minimum Order: $50


Butler Brew Works // Butler

Butler Brew Works Facebook Page

For our friends to the north, Butler Brew Works is delivering beer and soda from their Butler, PA digs.

What is Available for Delivery: Bottles, cans and soda.

How to Order: Online.

  • Delivery Area: Locations within 5 miles of the brewery.
  • Delivery Fee: $5
  • Minimum Order: $25

Beverages2u: Beer Delivery & Shipping in PA

Beverages2u Facebook Page

Beverages2u is a business owned by Brentwood Distributing. They ship water, soda and non-alcoholic beverages nationwide; additionally, they are permitted to deliver beer to Pennsylvania residents (age 21+) anywhere in the state.

What is Available for Delivery: Beer (craft, domestics, imports, etc), bottled water, juice and soda.

How to OrderOnline.

  • Delivery Area: All of Pennsylvania
  • Delivery Fee: $25 for delivery in Pittsburgh. Free shipping on beer orders over $150.
  • Minimum Order: None

Local beer available from Beverages2u:

  • Aurochs
  • East End Brewing
  • North Country Brewing
  • Spoonwood Brewing

Beverages2u discounts: Sign up for their email list or check Beverages2u to find discount codes and save 5% on your order.

Header Photo courtesy of Cinderlands Beer Co.

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Aadam Soorma

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