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Everything you need to know about breakfast sandwiches & burritos in Pittsburgh

The best options for the most important meal of the day

by Lindsay Patross | January 22, 2021

We’re 10 months into quarantine. We’ve made it through the summer. We handed out candy through a chute for Halloween. We somehow figured out how to make our own Thanksgiving dinner and survived a socially distanced Santa season.

Now it is January. It is winter. It is cold. We’ve watched all of the best things on Netflix. We’ve watched mediocre stuff on Netflix. (And we’ve made it through election day and an inauguration.)

So, we’ve got to find joy where we can and we are finding joy in breakfast. You’ve ordered pizza, picked up coffee, and had some Chinese food delivered. There is one meal that can change your whole day… breakfast. To help you find joy in breakfast, here are some of our best bets for breakfast in the ‘Burgh.


Q. Can you find a breakfast burrito in Pittsburgh?
A. Sort of. There are some breakfast burrito options, but not many are available before 11 a.m.

Guide to the best bagels in Pittsburgh
There are a few places that make bagels. [ICYMI here is our video on Pigeon Bagels in Squirrel Hill.]

Breakfast between bread: Seeking out a breakfast sandwich in Pittsburgh
A semi-scientific look at five breakfast sandwiches in Pittsburgh.

Breakfast between bread, vol. 2
A semi-scientific look at five more breakfast sandwiches.

Bring your favorite local coffee at home
14 Pittsburgh coffee roasters who ship/deliver coffee beans to your door.


A few more delicious ways to spend your Saturday morning…

Lindsay Patross

Lindsay Patross

Pittsburgh born and raised, Lindsay has been writing about the people who love Pittsburgh since 2008.

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