Where to Pick Up locally brewed Dad Beers for Father’s Day

Just in time for this weekend – we rounded up 15 of our favorite Pittsburgh dad beers you can mix into your plans for celebrating Father’s Day.

by Aadam Soorma | June 4, 2021

ABV is our weekly series that highlights a different beer from a local Pittsburgh brewery every week. Check out our past picks here.

From 2017 to 2019, a few friends and I ran a side hustle called Porter Tours. Our very own “craft beer tour bus” traveled around Pittsburgh to breweries for guided tours and tastings.

Our little craft beer tour bus. Photo: Ian Jones

People would often ask me: “So, who do you guys pick up for beer tours?”

Of course, we loved picking up bachelor and bachelorette parties. We helped throw birthday parties. We even once hosted a wedding rehearsal dinner complete with a big ole beer toast to the happy couple.

But inevitably, I’d laugh and say: “We hit our sweet spot with the Pittsburgh dads.

I learned that dads love beer and dads are tuned in to the local beer scene. They love visiting breweries. They love the food trucks. They love seeing the dogs. But – what became obvious – was they don’t want to drive.

And, voila! We’d shuttle our dad friends around safely for some weekend beers while supporting local biz.

Inside the Porter Tours bus during a typical beer tour. Each tour would include stops at multiple local breweries for tours and tastings. Photo: Ian Jones

All of that being said – I’m excited to put together a fun roundup of Dad Beers you can pick up this weekend right here in Pittsburgh. If you’re getting together with dad (or with friends), here are 15 local options you can mix into your Father’s Day weekend festivities.

Pro Tip: if you’re truly stumped on what to get dad, nearly EVERY brewery in the area offers gift cards (and e-gift cards) as well.

Big love to all the dads out there, including my dad (below). Appreciate you supporting my side hustle – and my main hustle – since 1986. And I appreciate all of you reading these words right here on Very Local (dot) com.

ABV, volume LXXII

Dad Beers – Our Pittsburgh Brewery picks for Father’s Day

Cinderlands Beer Co // Strip District

Beer Name // Style // ABV: Tracks Again // Unfiltered Pilsner // 5.2% ABV

Know Before You Go: From the moment they launched, Cinderlands pioneered the Dad Beer as an entire section on their menu. You can expect to see Tracks Again available (basically) year-round as their house pilsner. Nothing out of the blue here, just a straightforward and balanced pilsner that gets the job done.

Tracks Again unfiltered pilsner, as its listed on Cinderlands’ website for curbside pickup and delivery.

Burgh’ers Brewing // Lawrenceville and Zelienople

Beer Name // Style // ABV: 1890 Lager // American Light Lager // 4.7% ABV

Know Before You Go: Burgh’ers does many things well; one thing they do exceptionally well is make beers that pair well with food. Particularly, THEIR food – which includes ethically raised, locally sourced craft burgers. Many of their in-house beers are light, crispy and refreshing complements to their stellar food offering. Highly recommend.

Leaning Cask Brewing // Springdale

Beer Name // Style // ABV: Goldendoodle // Golden Ale // 4.2% ABV

Know Before You Go: We love seeing husband and wife duo Josh and Stefanie Lipke building a beautiful beer community over in Springdale. I recently picked up a 4-pack of GoldendoodleLeaning Cask’s super refreshing, low ABV golden ale – a perfect fit for these warm summer days.

Inner Groove Brewing // Verona

Beer Name // Style // ABV: My Verona // Golden Ale // 5.2% ABV

Know Before You Go: Another outside-the-city pick; the Inner Groove team is hot off their one-year anniversary this past weekend (Congrats!). Note that their mainstay golden ale – My Verona – is available on tap at the brewery OR they can fill you a crowler for carry out.

Lincoln Avenue Brewery // Bellevue

Beer Name // Style // ABV: Vienna Waits 4u // American Pale Ale // 5.1% ABV

Know Before You Go: Bellevue’s sole brewery, the Lincoln Ave team continues to crank out fantastic food and beers. Vienna Waits 4u is a nice, low ABV pale ale. I also recommend trying their porter, aptly named: Just a Porter (7.4% ABV).

East End Brewing // Larimer

Beer Name // Style // ABV: Esplen // Helles Lager // 5.4% ABV

Know Before You Go: As part of their You Are Here: Neighborhood series of beers, East End is currently offering four different Pittsburgh neighborhood-themed beers. Esplen is a delicious helles lager named after the neighborhood of Esplen – located on the west end near Sheraden and McKees Rocks.

Spoonwood Brewing // Castle Shannon

Beer Name // Style // ABV: Beer for a Year card // 12 Growler Fills // $150

Know Before You Go: Here’s an option for folks looking to buy a unique beer-themed gift card. Spoonwood’s ‘Beer for a Year’ card is $150 and entitles the holder to 12 growler refills. Pretty awesome program for dads in the South Hills who frequent Spoonwood on the regular. Also – a fantastic deal for how much beer you get. Highly recommend this if dad wants to be able to choose which (local) beer he gets every month.

Couch Brewery // Larimer – Highland Park

Beer Name // Style // ABV: Fest Bump // Festbier Lager // 5.3% ABV

Know Before You Go: Featuring pleasant notes of mandarine orange, Fest Bump from Couch is a festbier – a traditional German style brewed in March and cellared til the fall for Oktoberfest. Couch partnered with Door Top Brewing on this particular recipe.

Grist House // Millvale

Beer Name // Style // ABV: Fire on the Hill // West Coast IPA // 7.2% ABV

Know Before You Go: Grist House is making Fire on the Hill available for purchase at 8pm on Fri, June 19 with pickup starting on Sat, June 20. This traditional, west coast style IPA is smooth and approachable – it’s the IPA you (or your dad) enjoyed before the more trendy, east coast (hazy) IPAs entered our collective beer speak.

Eleventh Hour Brewing // Lawrenceville

Beer Name // Style // ABV: Cruel Remedy // Double IPA // 8% ABV

Know Before You Go: Switching gears a bit, I’m recommending Eleventh Hour’s freshest beer (just went into cans on Friday, June 19). Check out Cruel Remedy – their latest Double IPA. A smooth and aromatic DIPA, this soft, hop-forward choice is for the dads who get down with the hazy beers. Expect to taste notes of Florida oranges, ripe papaya, passion fruit, mango and candied grapefruit in this one.

While we’re talking IPAs, I highly suggest keeping an eye on the Hour Series at Eleventh Hour. This entire series of IPAs (Hour I, II, III, IV and V) has been flawless. Be on the lookout for Hour VI to drop soon.

Freshly packaged into cans at Eleventh Hour is Cruel Remedy, a smooth Double IPA for the dads who prefer the hoppy stuff.

Roundabout Brewery // Lawrenceville

Beer Name // Style // ABV: Kolsch // Kolsch Style Ale // 4.7% ABV

Know Before You Go: Roundabout’s outdoor seating section along 49th Street is a fun, relaxed weekend spot that’s popular with folks in the neighborhood and in the beer industry. As a bonus, you can also check Roundabout’s Pop Up Garden Instagram for details on their pop-up taproom, located along the Ohio River in Chateau. Both their seating sections are fully outside and offer plenty of space for social distancing and contact-free payment transactions.

Allegheny City Brewing // Central Northside

Beer Name // Style // ABV: Lite Brite // Helles Lager // 5.7% ABV

Know Before You Go: In line with social distancing practices, Allegheny City Brewing has popped up a sweet outdoor beer garden. The brewery (507 Foreland St) and the beer garden (510 Foreland St) are across the street from one another in the Northside and have spaced out seating for guests. We recommend Lite Brite – this is the 7th lager ACB has brewed and it is exactly as it sounds; light and bright, with refreshing, crispy, summertime drinking vibes.

Hop Farm Brewing // Lawrenceville

Beer Name // Style // ABV: Larryville Lager // Dortmunder Lager // 5% ABV

Know Before You Go: Available for growler fills at Hop Farm is the Larryville Lager – a clean, crisp Dortmunder-style lager that can be ordered online and picked up in Lawrenceville. Looking to grab some dad grub to go with the dad beers? Provision PGH is still firing away at their Hop Farm-based kitchen with incredible burgers, sandwiches and salads. Provision’s food is ALSO available for curbside pickup – just order online and toggle between the BEER and FOOD menus.

Brew Gentlemen // Braddock

Beer Name // Style // ABV: General Braddock’s IPA // American Style IPA // 6.8% ABV

Know Before You Go: We’re loving Brew Gentlemen’s decision to take their flagship beer – General Braddock’s IPA – into sleek, 12-oz slim cans that are available for carry out. You can snag a 4-pack of cans from their online store, which is open Thursday and Friday (10am to 7pm) and Saturday (10am to 5pm).

Abjuration Brewing // McKees Rocks

Beer Name // Style // ABV: Norwegian Farmhouse Ale (NFA v3.0) // Norwegian Farmhouse Ale // 6.6% ABV

Know Before You Go: Abjuration is currently open on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. The NFA v3.0 carries a funk and an intriguing cognac-like flavor that’s a bit tart. Great for the adventurous dads who are down to try a less commonly found beer style in Pittsburgh. Also – highly recommend stopping by and checking out Abjuration’s digs if you haven’t yet. A rad setup inside the Parkway Theatre in McKees Rocks.

Header Image: Darren Gailey and Cary Shaffer of Couch Brewery. Photo by Cory Morton.

Aadam Soorma

Aadam Soorma

In 2012, Aadam moved to Pittsburgh. He's currently parked (sans chair) in Lawrenceville and plans to stay a while. On the weekends, you'll find him driving a small green bus (Porter Tours) as he leads tours at local breweries.

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