Guide to Pittsburgh Face Mask Makers: volunteer, sew, donate

A look at all of the Pittsburgh groups that are sewing face masks to donate and how you can help

by Lindsay Patross | July 14, 2020

Update July 14: Are you looking to buy a mask? We’ve put together a list of the Pittsburgh artists/makers who are making and selling masks.

Lots of folks are making and donating masks across the country and here in Pittsburgh. Here is a roundup of who is making masks and how you can get involved.

Note: this story is about volunteers who are making cloth masks; these are not medical grade masks.

Operation Face Mask Pittsburgh

A group of volunteers have organized to sew and distribute masks to individuals and organizations around Pittsburgh.

How you can help Operation Facemask Pittsburgh: 

  • Volunteer to help wash, cut, sew, masks
  • Volunteer to drive or bike supplies and masks
  • Donate money
  • Donate supplies – fabric, ties, vacuum seal bags

Need masks? Operation Facemask Pittsburgh is giving masks away free of charge. You can request masks here.

  • Individuals
  • Essential workers
  • Organizations

Follow Operation Facemask: 



Radiant Hall has teamed up with the following local businesses to make and distribute masks around Pittsburgh:

  • Knotzland
  • Protohaven
  • KerfCase
  • Firecracker Fabrics
  • Cut & Sew Studio
  • Pittsburgh Center for Creative Reuse

How you can help (mask) MAKERS PGH:

Where are the masks going?

(mask)MAKERS PGH is donating masks to grocery workers, funeral homes, pharmacies, gas stations, nursing homes, etc.


Abram’s Nation

Abram’s Nation is a Pittsburgh manufacturer that makes products for special needs families including adaptive clothing. Abram’s nation is looking for volunteers who can help them to sew face masks.


How you can help Abram’s Nation:

  • Pick up pre-cut fabric kits from their factory in Gibsonia and sew the masks, return the masks to Abram Nation for finishing. (via Next Pittsburgh)


Sewing for Angels “Todays Rosie the Riveter”

This Facebook group is coordinating volunteers to make masks that will be distributed to the health care community. Mary Beth Kratsas and Becky Auer are organizing sewers to make masks to be donated locally.

Sewing For Angels has set up drop off locations around the Pittsburgh area: North Hills, Monroeville, Penn Hills, South Hills, Southside & Washington, PA.

How you can help Sewing for Angels:

How health care facilities can request masks from Sewing for Angels? 

Masks can be requested online here.

Pittsburgh & Allegheny County Masks for the People

This is a Facebook group where sewers are sharing ideas and others are requesting masks.

DIY Mask Patterns and Tutorials

Jenn Gooch has put together several tutorial videos for Operation Facemask.

The Washington Post has a roundup of DIY mask patterns.


Where to buy handmade masks in Pittsburgh?

Several people have asked where they could buy locally made facemasks. For almost all of the requests we’ve seen online, a mask maker offered to send one for free.

If you know of a local business that is selling facemasks, please let us know [email protected]

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Lindsay Patross

Lindsay Patross

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