Pittsburgh Sandwich Society

Meet Pittsburgh Sandwich Society & the Pittsburgh Burrito Bus

“When you buy a sandwich from us, you become a member of the Pittsburgh Sandwich Society”

by Lindsay Patross | June 19, 2019

Next up in our celebration of Pittsburgh food trucks is Pittsburgh Sandwich Society.

[ICYMI: We followed Beau Mitall and his mobile, wood-fired pizza oven (Alberta’s Pizza) to several of his regular Pittsburgh-area brewery stops. We also learned about what it takes to keep up with a global street food concept; Luke Cypher and the Blue Sparrow team brought us along for a look into their kitchen and onboard both of their food trucks.]

Here’s a look at how Mike Carney and his team at Pittsburgh Sandwich Society make some of the best burgers and burritos in the Burgh.

More than just a food truck. Meet the Burrito Bus and the Take Aht Window

A food truck. A burrito bus. And a take-out window.

Pittsburgh Sandwich Society is comprised of three moving parts.

The Food Truck: It covers the most ground and keeps a steady rotation of sandwiches on its menu. The Pittsburgh Sandwich Society truck is the team’s workhorse.

Pittsburgh Burrito Bus: operating from a restored Volkswagen van, the Pittsburgh Burrito Bus takes southern California inspiration and serves up a limited menu of burritos and runs less frequently than the food truck.

Take Aht: Every Tuesday thru Friday, the Pittsburgh Sandwich Society team serves lunch from a brick-and-mortar take-out window on 43rd Street in Central Lawrenceville.

Where to find Pittsburgh Sandwich Society

Visit the Pittsburgh Sandwich Society website to find out where the food truck and/or burrito bus will be parked each day.

Take Aht! Pittsburgh’s Sandwich Society’s permanent take-out window

Take Aht is located on 43rd Street in Lawrenceville. They are open every Tuesday – Friday for lunch from 11 am to 2 pm.

Address: 108 43rd Street Pittsburgh, PA 15201

Phone: 412.224.2188

Pittsburgh Sandwich Society Food Truck
Getting there
501E E Ohio St, Pittsburgh, PA 15209, USA
Mon-Tue Closed
Wed-Fri 4 – 9 PM
Sat 12 – 9 PM
Sun Closed
More Info

Follow Pittsburgh Sandwich Society

Pittsburgh Sandwich Society and the Pittsburgh Burrito Bus have their own social media accounts.

Pittsburgh Sandwich Society

Pittsburgh Burrito Bus

Video credit: Matt Dayak

Lindsay Patross

Lindsay Patross

Pittsburgh born and raised, Lindsay has been writing about the people who love Pittsburgh since 2008.

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