Plate It, Pittsburgh: Veggie Lovers

Very Local Staff

Very Local Staff

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Very Local Staff

In this episode, Dave Forman hosts as we watch Elsa Santos of Azorean Cafe challenge Keyla Noguiera from Casa Brasil in this battle for the best veggie-only dishes made from ingredients from the Bloomfield Saturday Market.

Chef Elsa Santos // Azorean Cafe

Chef Elsa Santos, owner and chef at Azorean Cafe, hails from the Azores Islands off the coast of Portugal. She was inspired to share Azorean cuisine with Pittsburgh, as people are increasingly interested in varied cuisines. 

Charitable Choice:

Chef Elsa selected Casa San Jose as her charitable organization in the event that she wins the competition (and receives $500 to give to a charity). It is a resource center for newly arrived Latin American families in Pittsburgh.

Follow: @azoreancafe

Chef Keyla Noguiera // Casa Brasil

Chef Keyla Noguiera was born and raised in small-town Brasil and is now the owner and chef at Casa Brasil. She loves bringing inclusivity into the food scene in Pittsburgh. 

Follow: @casabrasilpgh

Charitable Choice:

If Chef Keyla is the winner of this episode, her $500 will go to the Latino Community Center in Pittsburgh as her charity of choice. They provide after-school care to young Latino children in the community. 

The Market: Bloomfield Saturday Market

The Bloomfield Saturday Market is a well-stocked farmers market in the Little Italy area of the city that features products like specialty breads, dips, and lots of fresh vegetables. The chefs each get 15 minutes and $100 to purchase their supplies for the meals they will create. 

The Challenge: Vegetarian Virtuoso

Our chefs must create a three-course meal using only vegetarian foods from the market–and the meals must also contain these three ingredients: 

  • Beets
  • Tomatoes
  • Eggplant
  • Bonus challenge: The menu needs to “pump up the jam”

The Judges

Chef Elsa and chef Keyla will only have 45 minutes to create a masterful meal and wow this episode’s judges. Our judging panel today is:

  • Dave Forman, host
  • Briana White of Breelicious Bites
  • Quelcy Kogel, Pittsburgh food stylist & author

Want to find out who emerged victoriously?

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