ABV: Ginga Wheat // Roundabout Brewery’s thirst quencher

The husband and wife dream team (Steve and Dyana) have Roundabout’s latest batch of Ginga Wheat ready for lawn mowing season. Their pop-up beer garden is going strong, too.

by Aadam Soorma | May 21, 2019

ABV is our weekly series that highlights a different beer from a local Pittsburgh brewery every week. Check out our past picks here.

Today’s edition of ABV is brought to you by summer: a fine Pittsburgh season.

Hokay, here’s a Memorial Day weekend thirst quencher from the dream team at Roundabout Brewery. With temperatures expected to rise into the 80s this week, the beer we’re recommending is a refreshing one.

Everybody cool out.

ABV, volume XVI

Ginga Wheat – available now at Roundabout Brewery

Beer Name: Ginga Wheat

Style / ABV:  American Wheat Beer, 5.6% ABV

Why we recommend it: The Ginga Wheat is a Roundabout staple (and neighborhood favorite). They’ve brought back iterations of this beer year after year. Listed as an “American wheat beer with fresh ginger, lemon, and local honey” – this is the beer to pair with however you decide to spend your three-day weekend.

Hints of ginger in this beer are subtle; the honey notes add a balanced level of sweetness and it ends with a refreshing zest.

When is it available: Ginga Wheat is on tap right now.

Where is it available: Roundabout Brewery (Lawrenceville) and you MIGHT be able to get Ginga Wheat at Roundabout’s pop-up beer garden in Chateau (weekends only).

Honorable Mention Beer: If you’re into adventure and okay with trying something spicy, Roundabout’s cream ale with chili peppers is called Here Today, Gone Tomorrow. It weighs in at a humble 5% ABV and is NOT overwhelmingly spicy. Highly recommend it.


Visiting Roundabout Brewery

First-Time Visitor?

Parking: pretty limited with SOME street parking. Roundabout has a small parking lot to the side, but that transforms to outdoor seating during the warmer weather.

If you are planning to have a few beers, it’s super easy to grab an Uber / Lyft in Lawrenceville. You can also bicycle here with ease on the shared access lanes of Butler St (vehicles AND bikes). Healthy Ride (bicycle share program) has two stations within a few hundred feet of Roundabout too.

Public Transit to Roundabout

Bus: Take the 91 or the 93


Roundabout offers a small menu of snacks from some Pittsburgh favorites like Pub Chip Shop and Leona’s Ice Cream Sandwiches. They also have a regular rotation of food trucks. Check the Roundabout website here for updates.


The taproom is small. Good for a date; not a great spot for big groups.


Visit the Roundabout Pop-up Beer Garden

Pro Tip: Steve and Dyana, the husband and wife duo at Roundabout, have resurrected last summer’s Roundabout Brewery Pop-Up Beer Garden along the Ohio River in Chateau. It’s a weekends-only program that pops up behind Bicycle Heaven right along the river trail.

The pop-up is marked by a HUGE tent that covers a bench-style seating area. There’s games (corn hole), lovely views of the Ohio River and depending on weather / other events happening around town, Roundabout will book DJs, performing artists and food trucks to round out their fun, low-key summer outdoor digs.

Get the full scoop on Roundabout’s Pop-Up Beer Garden from our write-up earlier this month.



Roundabout Brewery
Getting there
1836 Oxline St, Pittsburgh, PA 15233, USA
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Aadam Soorma

Aadam Soorma

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