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Pride, Grit and Heritage: PG&H Shop + Redhawk Coffee’s Downtown Digs

Shop local, shop later: Samantha Fisher explains the PG&H downtown retail shop and Redhawk Coffee bar

by Aadam Soorma | January 7, 2019

Samantha Fisher laughs when she reveals the meaning behind her store’s acronym.

“It was meant to be subtle, almost behind the scenes,” Fisher says. “But yes, PG&H is a celebration of our city’s Pride, Grit and Heritage.”

Locally made ceramics

Nestled into 536 Smithfield St – alongside Redhawk Coffee – the PG&H retail concept epitomizes collaboration.

“There was a desire for the Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership to have a downtown-based retail space,” Fisher explains. “So, with support from the R.K. Mellon Foundation and the makers at MONMADE, we have a year-long pop-up where folks can buy locally produced goods.”

Samantha Fisher with PG&H customer

As a test ground for local makers to bring their products to market, PG&H exudes the ‘buy local’ mantra.

“Literally, we are open later in the evening (downtown) to allow people to shop after work,” Fisher explains. “And to be honest, we’re here for a year but our goal is to stay here longer.”

A downtown Storefront for Made-in-Pittsburgh Housewares

Samantha Fisher gift wrapping at PG&H

“Instead of an artisanal maker selling their goods once a year at a huge flea market or a small pop up, we provide the platform to sell right here through the PG&H space.”

Samantha Fisher with another customer at PG&H

From MONMADE to the PG&H Shop

Per our conversation last year, PG&H plans to scale up a recurring events series.

MONMADE – a Pittsburgh initiative to increase production on goods made by local artisans – is a project of Bridgeway Capital’s Craft Business Accelerator, which receives support from Richard King Mellon Foundation, Hillman Family Foundations, and Claude Worthington Benedum Foundation.

“Our aim is to host a maker demo on the last Wednesday of each month,” Fisher explains. “Although many of our products here are from MONMADE artists, not everything in the store is from MONMADE. We draw inspiration and inventory from all disciplines, including architects, interior designers, upholstery specialists, even folks who create custom-made wallpaper.”

A section inside PG&H retail shop downtown

Fun Fact: everything in the retail space is for sale.

“It’s true. All the lighting, shelving, tables; literally if you see it in here, it is available for purchase.”

Samantha Fisher smiling and posing inside PG&H retail shop

“Another thing we’re looking forward to is having more sections of custom-built goods. Everything from glassware to cabinetry to ceramics.”

Samantha Fisher holding locally made ceramics up in front of her face

“In the future, we would love to have a trade space (for goods). Makers would be able to test and sell their wares on a trade basis,” Fisher says. “We still need to work through the specifics on that, so stay tuned as we roll out more updates soon.”

Samantha Fisher holding an ornament for a customer at PG&H retail shop downtown

Redhawk Coffee: Oakland-based coffee shop, now open Downtown

Sharing a space with Redhawk Coffee’s downtown location creates an interesting coffee shop / retail experience hybrid.

“It helps drive foot traffic. They’re a fantastic neighbor and the coffee is awesome.”


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