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Take a tour of the Sapling Press print shop in Bloomfield

Using classic letterpress techniques, Sapling Press creates custom-made stationery and greeting cards

by Aadam Soorma | November 2, 2021

We sent filmmaker Matt Dayak to Bloomfield to interview Lisa Krowinski and put together this tour of her business, Sapling Press. 

The unmistakable feeling of receiving a handwritten note on a greeting card can be captured in many words: warm, thoughtful, loving, wholesome.

But what about actually feeling it? Literally.

In an era of digital everything, Lisa Krowinski slows things down a bit and celebrates the manual romance behind custom-made stationery.

What is letterpress?

At Sapling Press, there exists a team of professionals in the business of letterpress printing. By locking in movable type and physically pressing ink to paper, the letterpress process culminates in a direct impression of an inked, raised surface.

It is a surface you can feel.

A closer look at a letterpress machine inside Sapling Press.

Meet Lisa Krowinski and take a tour of Sapling’s HQ

We are excited to share the story of Lisa Krowinski, founder of Sapling Press. What started as an idea during her graphic design days in Baltimore led to the blossoming of a stationary squad fittingly located on Friendship Avenue here in Pittsburgh.

Lisa Krowinski, founder of Sapling Press

Shop Sapling Press

Interested in getting your hands on some new stationery? You can order Sapling Press cards and gifts from their website.

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Aadam Soorma

Aadam Soorma

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