Car crashes into Muck Rock’s mural of Big Freedia’s late brother

The Muck Rock-created mural of Big Freedia's late brother, Adam Ross, has been destroyed. Fans are already offering to send money for the creation of a new one.

by Kiri Walton | July 22, 2018

Instagram photo from @muckrock

Our city’s beloved bounce queen Big Freedia took to Instagram Sunday morning to express her sadness after seeing the destruction of a mural of her late younger brother, Adam Ross.

Ross, 35, was shot and killed in Central City on Jan. 24. Well-known muralist Muck Rock finished the mural, on a home at the corner of Claiborne Avenue and St. Anthony Street in the 7th Ward, in February.

According to NOPD, a vehicle crashed into the house, but no other details are available at this time.

In her Instagram post, Freedia wrote, “I’m so sad by this! Forever missing my brother, justice for Adam 12. This breaks my heart. I passed here tonight and like to pass out. #justicefor12 @muckrock I’m in tears. RiH brother, always will love you.”

Fans and friends offered words of support and assured her that “the next one will be bigger and better.” Others asked where they can send payment for a new mural.

Muck Rock said she would “love” to recreate the mural. “It was such an honor to be able to do that for [Freedia]… It would be the first thing I do when I come down,” she said.

Right now, the artist is currently working in California, where she works half the year. However, she said she sensed an unfortunate incident had occurred last night before learning of the accident.

“It was just weird because last night I couldn’t sleep,” she said. “I had really bad anxiety. Now I know what it was.”

“I feel like (my street artwork) are my children. That shit hurts. I feel it on such a guttural level. I feel it without even seeing it.”

The artist’s intention had always been to create an entire wall or space dedicated to the young men killed by gun violence, whom she calls “young kings.”

“I wanted to add more boys to it. Adam definitely inspired it. I have a little brother and when it happened, I was like ‘Oh, shit, I couldn’t even imagine.'”

Whether it means waiting for the wall to be repaired or having a fundraiser to have a larger space, Muck Rock is certain that she will be creating another mural of Adam Ross in New Orleans and that he will not be forgotten.

Very Local New Orleans has reached out to Big Freedia, and the post will be updated when we receive a response.


Kiri Walton

Kiri Walton

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