‘Shamrock our Block’ celebrates St. Patrick’s Day in the Irish Channel

Inspired by the Krewe of House Floats from Mardi Gras many homes are decorating for St. Patrick’s Day.

by Matthew Hinton
March 12, 2021

There’s always a pot-hole of gold under the rainbow if you look hard enough in New Orleans, especially around the intersection of Sixth and Annunciation Streets in the Irish Channel neighborhood. Inspired by the Krewe of House Floats from Mardi Gras many homes are decorating for St. Patrick’s Day. Borrowing the initiative “Shamrock Our Blocks,” from Chicago’s Southside Irish Parade Organization, which also had to cancel its parade because of COVID-19, many homes have added shamrocks and leprechauns and for some reason a lot of Bernie Sanders wearing mittens.

A nod to St. Patrick’s Day in New Orleans

The houses on the 2000 block of Spain Street pay tribute to the annual Jim Monaghan’s Irish Parade from Molly’s at the Market to the Erin Rose bar in the French Quarter.

Erin go Bernie

At one home in the Irish Channel neighborhood, Sanders asks for universal cabbage instead of universal coverage. Meanwhile in Broadmoor, Sanders is sandwiched between a group of Karens who are going Bragh-less. Eirinn go Brach means “Ireland until eternity” and is sometimes spelled as Erin go Bragh. And apparently the Karens of the world need to go braless for St. Patrick’s Day. In the St. Roch neighborhood Bernie is seen in the window behind some skeletons enjoying trash can-sized go-cups of Irish coffee.

Map of St. Patrick’s Day House Floats

📸 Photos by Matthew Hinton

Matthew Hinton is a New Orleans area freelance photographer whose work has been recognized by the National Press Photographers Association (NPPA) Best of Photojournalism Awards in 2014 and 2016, and by numerous awards from the Press Club of New Orleans, including the Hal Ledet President's Print Photography Award, the highest honor the Press Club can bestow upon a photographer. Matthew Hinton has previously been a staff photographer at both of the daily newspapers in New Orleans. His work has appeared nationally and internationally through freelance work with the Associated Press and AFP, Agence France-Presse.